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5 Smart Strategies For Home Remodeling in 2023

Nearly a quarter of the US population made home renovations during the last year. The inclination can be directly linked to increasing home prices and social media influencers. People prefer to remodel their existing living places.

The awareness and popularity of DIY methods have played a significant role in increasing the number of remodels. Almost every homeowner strives to keep the home in the best condition possible. The first rule of maintenance is to not delay routine repair works and replacements.

When it comes to a complete overhauling, the whole project needs smart handling. Following is a list of 5 smart strategies for home remodeling in 2023.

1. Hire The Best Structural Engineers Near You

The cost of a remodeling project can be staggering. Most of the homeowners spend the most on their remodeling budget on kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

The average costs of these remodel range between $5000-$60000. When it comes to the whole house, the costs can reach up to $100,000. High costs push the homeowners to circumvent the hiring of the best structural engineering services.

If you are smart enough, you would never risk the whole investment by avoiding this crucial consultation.

Structural engineers are educated and trained to deal with building structures. They are professional civil engineers who specialize in understanding the forces acting on the structures and their effects.

home remodeling strategies

You should consult a structural engineer for the following reasons.

  • Buildings are relying on the load-bearing members in their structures. These members prevent building collapses under the influence of earthquakes, storms, and floods. When you decide to relocate a load-bearing member of a residential structure, you must consult a structural engineer. They will see whether the proposed design will be able to support the structure as it should.
  • When you need to strengthen the poorly built home, you will need the services of a structural engineer.
  • Structural damages are dealt with care by structural engineers. They will adequately asses the damages and provide cost-effective solutions.

2. Prepare Elaborate Plans

In most of the cases, a homeowner remodels after a decade. Either you are doing it after a long time or want to make changes to a recent remodel, plan. The key is to make prepare elaborate plans. Keep the following points in your mind while making the plans.

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  • Set a limit for the remodeling budget. It is common to get deviated from the decided range so try to include all the possible expenses. According to Murphy’s law, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Leave a wiggle room for the unexpected.
  • Invest more in the areas which improve the real estate value of a house. Most of your money will be returned when you sell. After all, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling projects are not the most popular without any reason.
  • Prepare separate lists for necessary changes and the things you wish for. Calculate the expenses for the crucial changes. Plan about the style changes with the remaining money.
  • Be quality conscious for the durability of changes. Low-quality materials will need frequent replacements and will ultimately cost more.

3. Combine DIY and Professional Services

The most difficult thing for a homeowner is to choose between DIY and professional services. Why stick to one of the two? Be smart and combine both of these to get the most cost-effective and durable results.

Keep the following points in consideration.

  • A huge database of informatory videos is present online. You can handle the easy tasks such as indoor painting, fixture replacements, floor installation, carpet installation, cleaning, and door replacements.
  • Shop for the right tools for DIY jobs so that you achieve desired results. The tools can find a place in your storage for later use. A local handyman can also be a great help in accomplishing smaller tasks.
  • For more tough jobs such as tile installation, electrical upgrades, exterior painting, and roof replacements, hire professionals.
  • Ask for recommendations and read reviews before hiring. Not all of the service providers are reliable.
  • Shop around so that you can find an affordable company for the job.

4. Be A Minimalist

In today’s world, less detail means more comfort. Choose a minimalist design for your homes and you will have to worry about fewer things. It is an approach characterized by laconism and austerity.

  • Use functional furniture instead of huge decorative items.
  • Modern minimalism implies open spaces. Get rid of the excess items.
  • Incorporate large windows for natural lighting.
  • Gone are the days of pompous decorations. They are not only expensive but difficult to maintain.
  • Simplicity is elegant and affordable. You should abandon the nonfunctional parts of your home and transform them into useful areas.
  • Make use of the DIY methods to breathe in a new life into old or discarded items. An old kitchen cabinet can be used in your yard for pot keeping.
  • Old trunks could be revitalized to make trendy tables. Wine barrels can be used to build tables.
  • Add some indoor plants to give a natural look. They will purify the indoor air.
  • Focus on home ventilation to avoid moisture buildup. Invest money in solid plumbing to prevent your home from water leakages.

5. Incorporate Smart Technologies

Home automation is gaining popularity with every passing day. The smart home technology enables a user to control temperature, humidity, lighting, and access with mobiles. Other networked devices can also be used.

smart technologies home remodeling

  • Smart lighting is a relatively new technology where the bulbs can adjust the brightness according to the daylight.
  • Smart thermostats are integrated with Wi-Fi to enable homeowners to control the temperature in the house from a distance.
  • Paying attention to security is an essential part of home and office remodeling. Install access control units in your homes and offices. The smart surveillance cameras can be coupled with these units to improve security.

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