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7 Things To Consider Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

It’s rightly said: design thinking for your entire house at one side, and design thinking for kitchen at the other. Such is the impact of kitchen design on your dream home. Not to forget that your kitchen plays the face of your home because ‘happiness is a small house, with a big kitchen.’

But having a big kitchen is not enough. There’re so many things to consider when you’re getting your kitchen ready or remodelled. Functionalities, aesthetics, placements, spaces, and a lot many technicalities that only a kitchen cabinet designer can help you with.

But before settling on a kitchen cabinet designer, brainstorm yourself with online resources.

When you’re inching closer to starting your kitchen project— it’s best to have kitchen experts have their say.

But we don’t say not to have any opinion on your kitchen design. You can and you should! Online resources on Pinterest and other custom kitchen design websites will give you the gist of how your dream kitchen will look like. You can always share your ideas with them & reach negotiating terms.

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We have narrowed down things to consider so that you don’t take any uninformed decision regarding your kitchen remodelling.

1. Having informed words with interior designers

The beauty of your kitchen stands between the health of your talk with your interior designer. Although the interior designer shall share his expertise with you— you don’t want to be getting into the field uninformed.

Your kitchen is not Lego. Revisions are hard. On the contrary, you also don’t want to have an overload of information. That might lead to a conflict of choice between you and your designer. You just want to have enough control over your kitchen to have it functionally & aesthetically pleasant and not enough control to have it messed-up.

2. Listen to the one who is spending the most time in the kitchen

A kitchen comes good when it’s built from a kitchen-master’s view. Ask yourself— who the culinary genius of the kitchen is. You? Your spouse? Or any other person in your family. The one who spends most of the time in the kitchen gets to have his say the most.

Why? Because you want to have aesthetics and functionalities that make the king of the kitchen feel complete. Bad kitchen taste leads to lousy food taste. Not literally, but you get the meaning.

3. Get your intent clear. Are you remodeling to live or to resale?

Probably the most critical question to ask— why am I remodelling the kitchen? What’s the intent? To live or resale. We have seen people updating Secondary Keyword: kitchen cabinet designer and slapping new kitchen appliances with no intention of selling.

After all, we’re creatures of habits. Trust us, that’s helping you only when you’ve deep pockets. But you should know if you’re kitchen remodeling in Miami to list your house— most people care more about the condition of the roof than the type of marble top you have incorporated in the kitchen. Understand your intent before spending thousands.

4. Finding out what kitchen-ergonomic works for you

The room space and civil construction decide what kitchen layout will suit your scullery. You need to figure out answers to a series of questions that will define the ergonomic of your kitchen.

In layman’s, you want to have a kitchen design environment that fits your needs, and not you to fit the environment. Questions like the island kitchen, or one walled kitchen? Flexibility in storage space, or minimalism? Natural light or aesthetic brilliance? White kitchen cabinets or cherry-red kitchen cabinets? Get into more specifics to get into more perfection.

5. Don’t economize on something necessary

Putting in cheap cabinets or dashing off money where it’s necessary may cost you more in the longer run. Working around old pieces is never easy. Windows, lights, platforms, or cabinets need thoughtful investment.

No one wins when shelves, cabinets, or boards turn into landfills. Let your designer determine what all sort of remodelling your kitchen needs. A refurbished kitchen shouldn’t cost you for at least five years down the line. Skimping on kitchen materials may hurt the purpose of remodelling in the first place.

6. Placing appliances in your kitchen

Without a second thought— get the best appliances that you can afford. But before buying quality appliances, evaluate all your requirements before going cuckoo. Having a dishwasher for a joint family makes more sense than having an eight-burner event grill at your place.

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Moreover, Pre-strategize for concealed appliances in your kitchen layout. If you want built-in appliances, they demand your strategic-attention before you begin with the remodelling process. Suppose you want your kitchen to entertain families and guests. In that case, you can incorporate wine fridges, cooktop, coffee system, warming drawers, and a lot more built-in appliances that make roundabouts in the market.

7. Not falling in the trap of the trends

You must have seen brand-new kitchen types like open-shelvings in movies and magazines. Why wouldn’t they look beautiful? With cups and crockeries stacked in beautiful patterns— even Christopher Alexander, the father of design patterns will feel proud.

But that’s not the complete story. Let’s be realistic and honest with us. Are we really going to keep it beautiful and stacked? Like forever? Wouldn’t it invite lots of dust and chaos in design when we’d take a lazy day off from our busy kitchen schedule? Yes, you can feel great about having set-up a new kitchen trend— but is it utilitarian enough to keep your love intact for your cookhouse?

Key takeaways

  • A professional kitchen designer shall save you time & money.
  • Researching & following your designing instinct shall help you make wise decisions.
  • Giving yourself reasons to remodel shall have the best and guilt-free kitchen designs.

Thinking of the need for the top-of-the-line appliances shall clarify your kitchen priorities.

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  1. Hello I read your article I discovered a great content that gives the most up-to-date decoration ideas,

  2. Hello I read your article I discovered a great content that gives the most up-to-date decoration ideas.

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