6 Ways to Take Charge of Garage Clutter

Your garage can be a terrific place to manage all sorts of storage requirements. It can make a reliable and pleasant workshop. It can keep everything from your vehicle to your recreational supplies strong and intact all year long. That’s why it can be so endlessly frustrating to realize that your garage has out of nowhere turned into a disaster zone that’s basically a haven for clutter accumulation. Thankfully for you, decluttering your garage may be a lot simpler than you even realize.


1. Throw Out Items You Never Use

Quickly scan the interior of your garage. If you find things that you haven’t used in six months or longer, then you should think about throwing them out. Perhaps you have an old and broken radio that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. You may have old and faded newspapers that are barely legible at this point. If you come across anything that you can’t or won’t use, you should think about discarding them or recycling them, pronto.

2. Donate Items to Local Charity Organizations

Odds are strong that there are some items in your garage that are useless to you but potentially valuable to others. If you find warm winter coats that are too small or too big for you and for the members of your family, then you may want to donate them to a local charitable organization. There are few things that can be more satisfying than decluttering your home and doing a good deed at the same exact time.

3. Rent a Spacious Dumpster

It can be difficult to streamline the interior of any garage. If you have an abundance of items that need to go, throwing them out one at a time may prove to be too much for you. Fortunately, there are options out there that can make things a lot easier. You can try renting a spacious dumpster to accommodate all of your clutter simultaneously. These dumpsters are available in many size categories. They can manage all kinds of things, too. Just call to confirm that the items you want to dispose of are on the “acceptable” list.

4. Call a Company That Specializes in Junk Removal Service

There are many highly regarded companies out there that specialize in in-depth junk removal service. These companies can be beneficial for people who suffer from hoarding disorders and compulsive behaviors in general.

If you call a junk removal company for assistance, the professionals on its staff can show up directly at your home in order to take everything off your hands. If you don’t want to have to deal with the time-consuming stresses of managing all of your unwanted belongings independently, then working with consummate professionals may just be the right answer for you.

5. Sell Things That You No Longer Want or Need

You don’t have to limit yourself to throwing out or donating items that aren’t useful to you anymore. That’s because you can also sell things that are still in tiptop condition. You may want to consider holding a weekend garage sale to get rid of things such as musical instruments, laptop computers, old books, seasonal clothing pieces and anything else along those lines.


If you don’t have the time or energy to set up a yard sale, you can think about auctioning off your belongings on the Internet. There is an abundance of credible websites that enable people to post listings for the things they want to sell.

6. Invest in Extra Storage Options

You can make your garage look and feel a lot tidier by investing in more storage. Installing floating wall shelves may make your garage look a lot less cluttered. The same thing applies to purchasing brand new storage bins. If you get your hands on a couple of roomy and sturdy storage bins, they may instantly make your garage feel a lot tidier and more welcoming.

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