best indoor and outdoor hobbies that couples can do together

Top 10 Indoor and Outdoor Hobbies for Couples Who Like to DIY Together

If you are looking for a new hobby to enjoy with your significant other, then the list below might be just what you are looking for. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced do-it-yourselfer, this article has something that will appeal to both of you. From building furniture together to crafting jewelry, there is no shortage of ways to spend quality time doing things together.

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Relationships take work. And, if you and your partner love to DIY together but don’t know what hobby to get into, we’ve got some great ideas that will bring you both closer while also getting the job done. Below are the top 10 indoor and outdoor hobbies for couples who like to DIY together:

1. Building Furniture

Building furniture is a great way to spend time together and create something that you can use in your home. It can also be a bit challenging, which can make it more fun.

You can find plans online or in-store, and then get to work creating your new piece of furniture. Just be sure to take your time and measure everything correctly, so that the finished product is just right.

2. Window Farming

Window farming is a great way to get started in indoor gardening. You can use recycled materials like plastic bottles and LED lights to create a small garden right in your window. Not only does this provide you with fresh herbs and produce, but it also allows you to get creative with your plants.

This is a perfect way to spend time with your significant other in the kitchen since both of you can work together on planning and caring for your window garden. It’s also great because it allows you to grow food indoors during the winter months when there isn’t much sunlight.

3. Gardening and Landscaping

If you love to get your hands dirty, gardening and landscaping may be the perfect hobby for both of you. Not only does it allow you to create something beautiful together, but it also provides plenty of opportunities for spending time outside in the fresh air. As with window farming, this is a great activity for couples who like cooking since they can use their produce in meals.

outdoor hobbies for couples

Landscaping is another way to spend time outdoors together, and it can be very rewarding when you see the finished product. Gardening provides similar benefits, and both hobbies are relatively affordable. You may even find that you enjoy the process of planning and creating your little garden.

4. Sewing and Making Clothes Together

If you’re looking for a new hobby to do together, then try out sewing and making clothes. You can make all sorts of things – skirts, shirts, pants, jackets, and even dresses. It’s a fun way to be creative and come up with new styles, and you can even make matching clothes for the two of you.

It can be done alone, but it’s more fun when you have someone there with you who loves spending time with you while doing something that both of you enjoy. You don’t need much space or materials either – all you need is a sewing machine, some fabric, and thread.

5. Crafting Jewelry

One of the best indoor hobbies for couples is crafting jewelry together. This can be a fun, creative way to spend time with your partner and create unique pieces that you can wear or give as gifts. There are many different types of jewelry-making crafts to choose from, so you can find one that fits both your interests and abilities.

If you’re new to jewelry-making, start with something simple like wire wrapping. This involves using a piece of wire to wrap around another object, such as a gemstone or charm. You can then create necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces by adding different charms and elements. Read this article for innovative ideas for ornament packaging.

6. Building an Aquarium (or Another Pet Home)

Another great indoor DIY project is creating a pet home. Whether it’s a hamster cage, birdhouse, or fish tank, building a pet home can be both fun and rewarding. You can get as creative as you want with these projects, and they make perfect gifts for pet lovers too!

7. Pottery

Pottery is an excellent choice for couples with an artistic inclination as well as those who love spending time together. DIY pottery classes are also available, allowing you to learn the art of making your mugs and plates at home. The entire process from creating your designs to applying glaze can make for a fun and fulfilling experience.

8. Woodworking

There are countless reasons to take up woodworking. You can make anything from a wooden clock, picture frame, or even an entire piece of furniture for your home! Woodworking is easy to learn, but it does take some time to become good at it.

woodworking by couples who like to DIY together

If you’re just starting, we recommend checking out YouTube for video tutorials on how to do different woodworking projects. There are also plenty of online forums and groups where you can get help and advice from other woodworkers.

9. Creating Christmas Decorations

Creating Christmas decorations is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season in your own home. You can work together or on separate pieces. It’s nice when both halves of the couple are working toward making something beautiful for their family and friends!

10. Glassblowing

Glassblowing is a great DIY hobby because it involves teamwork and cooperation. Glassblowing also has a very visual result, so both partners can appreciate the work that has gone into it. Just be aware that glassblowing is a very hot and dangerous hobby.

best indoor and outdoor hobbies that couples can do together


There are many more hobbies that couples can enjoy together, but these ten are sure to be a great starting point. Many of them have been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years and provide the perfect opportunity for you two to stay active and get creative. Be sure to try out a few of them and see which ones you enjoy the most!

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