Why Do You Need Stair Nosing?

If getting your office or home renovated, you must be researching a lot on internet about various ways on how you can improve your interiors. And in doing so you must have come across stair nosing, a flooring accessory that must have left you wondering, whether you require it? What is its purpose? Why do you need it?

Keep on reading to know the answers.

Stair Nosing is an accessory for stairs that not only completes the look of your staircase but also improves the security for the users so that they don’t trip along with reducing the wear and tear of the treads. Wooden stair nosing looks amazing with wood flooring. Oak Stair Nosing is becoming quite popular these days. It looks elegant and also enhances the life of your stairs.

About Stair Nosing

Have you ever noticed the horizontal edge of a stair that protrudes? It is called nosing and it takes the most pressure of the foot traffic. It is available in the market in numerous materials like wood, aluminium, vinyl etc. Engineered wood stair nosing is the most preferred option these days.

Advantages of stair nosing

Major purpose of using nosing is safety. It improves the safety and reduces accidents like tripping or falling by providing larger surface area to put your feet on. It broadens each step, thus you can climb up and down the stairs without any risk.


When you use nosing, you in a way are saving the staircase from wear and tear as this flooring accessory covers the area where most pressure falls. If it is not used, the heavily exploited area might come off due to the feet pressure. Also, various reports suggest that it helps in enhancing visibility and thus reduces the risk of tripping or falling when the visibility is low.

These advantages are the reasons why commercial complexes and homeowners prefer to use it without thinking twice.

Where To Buy

All in All Flooring Accessories is your trustworthy one-stop shop to explore a wide range of premium nosing. Their aged Oak effect nosing is ideal if you have engineered oak flooring. It is self adhesive that makes it easier to use and saves time.

Numerous effects available online at All in All include rustic ash effect, aspen white, bayswater grey, beech effect, beige oak suite, black, bulgravia, brushed aluminium, camdon chino to name a few.

As per your home or office interiors, you can select from their extensive collection and enhance the aesthetics of your space along with improved safety. Wooden stair nosing that they stock is sturdy and durable. You can seek expert’s advice and discuss your requirement so you end up buying the best quality product.

Guys if you are planning any renovation, especially stairs then give oak stair nosing a try and get rave reviews from your friends.

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