Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2023: An Overview

Keen to make your kitchen a statement? You can make your kitchen look outstanding by adding some fusion styles from 2023’s drama trends. As per the current demand, we can see that most people are trying to incorporate larger kitchen islands. And that has both storage as well as seating.

Customers no longer want to install classical kitchen cabinets; instead, they are willing to opt for open shelves that will showcase their most elegant dinnerware. Contemporary kitchen designing is all about the fusion of materials and contrast colors.

The hottest kitchen cabinets trends for 2023

Cabinet design trends

You no longer have to settle for builder’s grade kitchen cabinet style, as there are many alternatives available. Though the evergreen shades, including white, bright, and light, take over the current trends, many people are opting for kitchen compact styles.

Open shelving has earned a considerable demand for the past year as people are interested in opting for styles that save space, particularly for the smaller kitchen. The trend is on the rise as customers are willing to showcase their kitchen supplies, unlike before, when used to hoard the kitchen accessories in any cupboard or drawer. The trend is ideal for industrial or farmhouse kitchens. Open shelving is going to be in direction for a few more years, particularly for smaller kitchens.

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Open frame kitchen cabinets

The open frame kitchen cabinets are an ideal option for customers looking for a middle ground between traditional and open shelving cabinets. The design consists of glass panels that display the kitchen accessories inside.

Traditional kitchens always had a few open frame cabinets to show the finest of barware. These cabinets are perfect for light and bright kitchens as it offers an illusion of free space. Depending upon the design of the cookhouse and hardware used, open frame kitchen cabinets look modern or traditional.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

A kitchen style that everyone is probably familiar with, like shaker cabinets, is modern and sleeker compared to the traditional square raised cabinets. Though the cabinets have a similar depth to a recessed door, the simplicity of the lines gives it a modern look.

The chest might not be the center of attention, but it will fit snugly in any kitchen style or color. It plays the role of a supporting actor that is ideal for busy or colorful backsplash, flooring, or countertop. The trend will last for a long time as it will be standard in new homes being built-up.

Slab door cabinets

These cabinets aren’t just incredibly sleek but also modern. Some of them are so sleek that they don’t need any hardware. The slab kitchen cabinets have more glossy finish and have frameless and flat fronts. The cabinets are ideal for smaller spaces. The trend will last for millennial houses as these cabinets are affordable and stylish at the same time.

Transitional kitchen cabinets

Though transitional kitchen cabinets can be a confusing term, you can understand that this style features fusing old and new designs. The traditional design models are paired-up with modern pieces. The modular kitchen designs can also use these cabinets along with modern hardware.

You can use these cabinets if you are willing to go for a traditional kitchen style without looking outdated. Transitional kitchen cabinets will be more prominent in the remodelled kitchen as compared to the new kitchens being built-up.

Cabinet color trends

When it comes to colors, you can expect something colorful these days as kitchen cabinets are revealing in a little color. In the past stained natural cabinets dominated the trend, not the case anymore.

Blue kitchen cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets aren’t primary blue or cerulean blue. Instead, the shade is navy based and makes a kitchen look more neutral. Blue shades make sense as high-contrast style is in trend. The various shades of blue provide the required contrast for stark white cabinets.


The blue cabinets are an excellent choice for those who wish to create a relaxed beach vibe at home. In the coming years, the gray-toned blues will be in trend, but bolder colors won’t be that popular.

White kitchen cabinets

For the past few years, white, bright, and light have been the mantra for many kitchens. You can’t go wrong with white kitchen closets as they are quite popular in 2023 too. The espresso kitchen cabinets offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing.

Natural wood cabinets

People have started embracing more raw and industrial looks. These cabinets are on the rise as the rustic industrial look and painted glossy cabinets aren’t cutting anymore. Natural wood cabinets are a perfect choice for those who want to bring nature inside. The natural wood cabinets include pine, oak, or light wood. As the majority of the people are becoming eco-conscious, this trend is widely embracing in homes.

Two-toned kitchen cabinets

You can experience the excellence of both worlds by choosing two-toned kitchen cabinets. Ideally, the two-toned cabinets feature white uppers paired with a darker shade base. The white uppers offer neutrality and contrast to the bolder ones without looking overwhelming. The trend is going to last long as it’s a middle ground between entirely bright blue cabinets and white kitchen.

Key Takeaways

Thus in the year 2023, you can be assured to see a combination of traditional and modern kitchen styles as kitchen cabinet trends to facilitate kitchen cabinet concepts.

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