How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Home?

Carpet is a staple of any modern or traditional home. They are so diverse; you can use them to express yourself and decorate your home any way you like. They do require a bit more maintenance compared to other options. The variety of colours, designs, themes and materials has never been greater. This may be making your choice much more difficult. On the other hand, you have commitments to take into consideration. Some options require additional maintenance or have a high price tag. Let’s make a choice.

1. First things first

Consider the basics first. Where are you planning to lay your carpet? What kind of abuse will it have to endure? And for how long? Use the answers to narrow down the best options for your needs. High-traffic areas benefit from a dense, tight and soft pile. Look at the thickness, and the material it consists of.


Have a feel for it, with your bare hands. Go deep into the strands and feel the bottom portion. The faster the strands spring back up from your thumb, the denser and more resilient the carpet is. Hallways and stairs will take the most abuse. If you are putting carpets in these areas, make sure that the knit is as dense as possible. Once you have a basic grasp of these fundamentals, you can move to other variables.

2. Understanding the fabrics

There are two basic types of carpet fibre: natural and synthetic. Natural fibres such as wool are good and comfortable for your bare feet. Synthetic options are most commonly used when you want to implement wall-to-wall solutions. Natural materials are used In high-quality carpets and come with a price premium. On the other hand, a wool-mix is the best combination for a jack of all trades carpet.

Lastly, the material polypropylene that we mentioned is a very popular choice as of late. The two main reasons are that it is resistant to stains and it is durable. There are many other fabrics to consider, with their properties.

3. Warranties

Learn as much as you can about the manufacturer’s warranties, but also about their ratings. Carpets are a considerable investment for most people. Such investments need to be insured in some way. Warranties offer you insurance that you will be covered if the carpet does not meet the minimum durability requirements. Factor both of these into account.

For instance, most warranties do not cover the stairs. If you are buying carpets intended for your stairs, make sure that the warranty includes this application. Lastly, do your research on why you are buying from. Whether it be Carpet Right or some other brand, always check their ratings.

4. Understanding maintenance

Frequent vacuuming, like once a week, will help greatly in keeping the dirt and debris from sinking to deeply into the weave. If you are putting a carped on a surface that will experience a lot of dirt and soil, such as the front door, consider a barrier mat.


Stain inhibitors and other treatments are products that usually come in a can. These can be sprayed or applied in some other way to make it easier to maintain your carpet. They make it easier to get rid of spills and stains. Most importantly, ask about the type of carpet you are buying. Everyone has different needs when it comes to maintenance.

Bottom Line

You will notice we did not cover anything about the design, patterns, colours, etc. And that is for a reason. There lies the beauty in carpets, it is up to you to decide on these variables. Use your artistic side and choose the best carpet that will express your spirit the best. Now that you are informed on the carpet basics, go and make a smart and beautiful choice, tailored to your needs and wants.

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