The Most Popular Denver Home Styles

Denver is a great city to live in which is why a lot of people have been moving to Denver over the last few years. There is everything you need and more in Denver – great schools, safe neighborhoods, lovely parks, nice weather. All these things make living easier and better, which is why so many people want to live in Denver. And as it is an old city, there are a couple of different types of home styles in Denver.

For those of you who find this important, we decided to write this short article about some of the most popular Denver home styles. So, if you were planning on moving to Denver and purchasing a home there, here are the types of homes you can expect to find when you start searching for one.



The Victorian home style could be considered the most beautiful Denver home style. These homes are very old and big. As wealthy people lived in these homes mostly, these homes are very well-kept and maintained. They almost seem new but they were built between 1830 and 1910.

These homes are very lovely and they look very expensive. Most of these homes really catch your eye. It could be because they are usually colorful. It could also be because these homes are very big. They almost always have amazing, big front lawns with a lot of trees and flowers. Moving to such a home means being able to enjoy the nice weather of Denver doing certain outdoor summer activities.

These old Victorian homes look great even though they are old.

If you want to move to Denver with Homegrown Moving and live in a Victorian home, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money. These homes are big with big front and back yards. They are also very old but remodeled, which means that a lot of money was invested in these homes. All this makes the price of the home much higher.

There aren’t many Victorian homes in Denver, which is also why these homes cost more. Victorian homes aren’t the most expensive type of homes in Denver though. But a luxurious Victorian house does cost a lot of money, sometimes even a couple of million dollars.


The next in line is the Tudor home style. These homes are also old but not older than Victorian. This style became popular in Denver in the 1920s and 30s. Since then, a lot of Tudor homes have been built in Denver. Tudor style homes are very dreamy. They look like the homes you would imagine fairytales to have.

Most of them are asymmetrical with a steeply pitched roof. A brick or stucco siding is very common for these houses. Tall, narrow windows with diamond-shaped panels are another thing that makes this type of homes so pleasing to the eye.

Tudor style is very unique.

Tudor homes are very popular and have been for a very long time which is why there are so many of them in Denver. A lot of people would love to live in such a home but that sadly isn’t possible. These types of homes are very expensive, sometimes even more expensive than Victorian-style homes. Moving into a Tudor-style house probably means you are going to want to know how to make your house look more elegant. You will most likely find Tudor-style homes in neighborhoods such as Hilltop, Montclair, Park Hill, Belcaro, and Whittier.

Mid-Century Modern

Houses that were built from 1945 through the 1980s fall into the Mid-Century Modern style. These houses have a contemporary design. This means that they are very sleek and plain from the outside. Homes from this period mostly have flat rooftops and plenty of big windows. This is because a lot of natural light is needed to make such a simple home look so good.

These types of homes became popular during the period when connecting with nature was important, which is why these homes usually have floor-to-ceiling windows. The easier the flow through the home, the better.

These houses are very simple but usually very spacious.

On the inside, these homes are either timeless retro or very modern and luxurious. That’s what most of the furnished houses of this style seem to look like. And if you are moving into an empty house that belongs to this building style, make sure you make the most of it. Use this opportunity to create a very modern-looking home. You will love living in such a home.

Denver Squares

One of the popular Denver home styles has the name of the city itself – Denver Square -because it was first found mostly in Denver. Many people know this style as American Foursquare. These houses look amazing. They are, as the name says, square. These houses are very old, as they were built between 1890 and 1935. This home-style has a cubic shape. It also features a floor plan divided by quarters usually.

Mostly families with children prefer Denver Squares to other Denver home styles, as they are usually two- to two-and-a-half-story homes. A large front patio is also a common thing to see among Denver Square homes. There are plenty of neighborhoods where you can find these houses for sale and rent. Here are just some of them: Cheesman Park, West Highland, Baker, and Park Hill.

Have in mind that these homes can be very expensive. That depends on the interior because the exterior is usually very simple. When furnishing this home, you can definitely incorporate some 2020 kitchen trends.

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