how to make your kitchen stunning

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Good

There is no denying that the kitchen is the focal point of any home. Designing a kitchen is much more than choosing cabinets, appliances, and a countertop. Everyone spent a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals every day, which makes a kitchen more essential for us too. Therefore, we need excellent planning to ensure a kitchen that’s both beautiful and highly functional or give a feel of personal touch. Providing a personal bit to your kitchen will reflect your personality.

Check out the top 10 tips to make your kitchen look stunning.

1. Use Soft Color Themes

The color combination of the cabinets and walls can brighten a space and make it spacious and wealthy. Light colors with some soft lighting can add a charm to your kitchen. Maintain a multitude of objects, for example, scrapes, dings, and dents on your cabinets. Wall paint gives your kitchen a live look, and it will decide the whole decor of your kitchen. Try to make a theme with wallpapers and cabinets color.

how to make your kitchen stunning

2. Update hardware

Hardware can completely change the look of furniture in your kitchen, and you also make some changes to your cabinets by giving them a new look. Replace drawer pulls and cabinets to provide yourself with a fresh and completely new look that updates your location.

3. Add Pattern Inside the Cabinets

To bring some personality to your kitchen, you can insert wallpapers on some unexpected spots. You can go with desktop wallpapers; they are removable and make the installation relatively simple. And there is always a choice to switch it out whenever you want a shift. Add some pattern inside the cabinets and give your kitchen a stunning look.

4. Use Suction Hooks in Kitchen

Add some suction hooks where you will need it. It will provide you with an extra spot to store dish towels, oven mitts, or spatulas. The most useful part is it can adjust them as needed, and they’re easy to remove and re-position.  

5. Paint your Stainless Steel appliances

Do you have stainless steel appliances? Use new paint-on stainless steel appliances to give them a finished look or to update your tools, which still do the job very well and give your kitchen a feel. Choose a paint of top quality; you can utilize the paint which you use to paint your Metal garages or buildings. These paints are robust, corrosion-less, and lasting.

6. Change Lighting

Lighting is vital to create a seemingly large kitchen. More light gives a feel of the bigger space in the room. Pendants and chandeliers are the accessories to adjust the mood of this room, although maybe not merely to brighten your kitchen.

kitchen countertop ideas

Standard lights that arrive from domiciles and rentals and typical uniforms. Select the brightness according to their use. Go with some dim and bright lights combinations. Be careful when you choose the position of light although you don’t want the light behind you in the kitchen, which may cast a shadow on the workspace.

7. Find the right height for the microwave

Place your microwave on the correct height and corner may be depending on the chef or the person who is going to cook it. There may also depend on the kid-friendly character. Place at the right height for adults, at least 15 inches above the countertop level. For kids, a below countertop setup may be more suitable and safer.

microwave kitchen

8. Stay clear of corners

Plan space for the door’s clearance and swing direction, to make cabinet and appliance doors fully functional. Try to keep the appliances away from the edges, and make sure doors won’t bang into each other when you open them at the same time. Don’t stuff much at the corners of the kitchen as it will spoil the look of the kitchen.

9. Use artwork

The artwork is a great idea to elevate the kitchen room. It will add some different looks in your kitchen. Go with big and bold, bright and clear — it will give the illusion of a bigger space. Art is also an excellent option for the decoration of any room in your home. Add some geometric patterns as they are highly fashionable in art and interior designing.

10. Add Plants

Your kitchen is incomplete without a houseplant. They can help you in detoxifying the air in your home. In the meantime, you can grab some benefit from the above houseplants and reduce toxins and gases in your home and offices. Indoor plants are a good air filter and keep the air fresh in your kitchen. Choose the plants that would work best for your space. Whether it’s a small windowsill garden or a hanging photos plant or go with small plants in the pot to fix them on the border of the windows.

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