5 Ways To Make Money Online In India

Earning money is a basic necessity for everyone in the world. People need money to survive. Some get involved in full time jobs and few in part time jobs. But, were you aware that one can easily make money sitting at home without making much effort? Well, as per these are some of the best ways to make easy money.

1. Selling Photographs Online

Those who are passionate about photography typically have a beautiful collection of pictures. However, one needs to work very hard to reach a level where they are paid for their reproduction. In recent times some platforms have recognized this and have introduced means through which photographers can earn money. Platforms such as Istockphoto and Shutterstock have been a blessing for photographers.


They upload your pictures on the websites and get paid when someone purchases them. The quality of images plays a significant role. If the condition is not up to mark, then one won’t be able to get a steady income from these sites. The websites give people a sum of money when they recommend other photographers.

2. Online Internships

The pandemic this year has made it impossible to do in-office internships for many students around the country. Thankfully websites like Internshala and lets intern are allowing students to get online placements. Most of the companies which hire interns on these sites offer a stipend. Online courses are the right way of earning money all year round.

There are a variety of roles one can apply for, depending on their skills and interests. A student can choose the duration for which they wish to do an internship. They can also view all the roles and responsibilities that they will be undertaking when they get selected.

3. Freelance

The need for freelance work has shown a significant increase in the past few years. If someone happens to be a freelance content writer, photographer, or graphic designer, then she/he can easily apply for jobs online in various companies.

LinkedIn regularly sends its users updates when there is an opening in a company that suits their line of work. All the posts on LinkedIn have a guaranteed stipend. It is better if the person who is applying has experience in the field before they look for work on this platform.

4. Social Media

Social Media has opened up endless possibilities to earn money online. If you have a strong social media presence, it can lead to many upcoming and established brands showing an interest in collaborating with you. A person who has a large number of followers and gets a lot of attention on their profiles is called an “influencer.” Not only do brands pay influencers to advertise their products.

They also send free products so that they can do a detailed review as well. To get noticed, one must regularly keep posting content on their accounts and engage with their followers. E.g., If an influencer is focused on a niche such as make-up, then it increases the chances of a make-up or skincare brand to approach him/her for a collaboration. Such collaboration may even result in the influencer being assigned a personalized coupon code and would receive a percentage of the amount when someone used that coupon code for shopping.

5. Selling Goods Online

 When it comes to selling products online, two approaches could be followed to earn money:

A) Working for a company

Amazon India has an online sellers program that allows people to earn an income by recommending the products that are available on the website. The seller does not get a personalized coupon code, but whenever someone purchases the product via the link, they shared the seller receives a percentage of the amount that is paid. The seller can use various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


The amount of income the seller earns is directly related to the kind of products the seller is initiating others to buy. Some categories show the seller which product will bring them a maximum percentage of money. A point to keep in mind would be that in most sales, a majority chunk is maintained by the company itself, so one should try and not rely on it full time. It could be a part of multiple sources of income.

B) Self-employed

Selling goods online may sound tricky, but having an independent online business is not as painful anymore thanks to the advancement in technology. With the right resources, one may be able to earn a good income. Websites like Shopify are a great help as well since they let individuals set up their businesses.

If you are someone who makes soap at home or like making beautiful smelling candles at home, it could be more than just a hobby. Even personalized origami cards or gift boxes have become a prospective business. Hand-made products and gifts are highly valued. With the right business plan and resources, one may be able to earn a good income. Even though in the initial phase, the profit margin is usually reasonably low, but with time it increases.

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