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How to Design Graphics Like a Pro: 5 Software for Non-Designers

Creative sectors always have the highest demand in the digital world; the more precise their works are, the max they get paid for it. And if you are a digital marketer already, you know how accurate the above fact is. To start with, the content you need on the website, landing pages, or in social media falls into the creative category; and if you look for high-quality content, you have to pay a heavy price for it. The same applies to graphic designing too, and it all comes with experience.

And you know freelancers charge a bomb when you ask them to work for you, and when it comes to creativity, they hardly negotiate. Suppose, if you have an in-house graphic designer or freelancer, you have to sit around him/her or get on a Zoom call and share your ideas to design.

And how much they get for this as in-house or charge as a freelance project, you won’t believe. These creative people have the highest packages with little experience. Yes, you could be the next one ( and to know in-depth read the whole from top to bottom, no skimming in between).

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Importance of Graphic Designing For Digital Marketer

No matter what exactly your profession is under digital marketing, graphic designing is a must. Whether you are an SEO practitioner, you need graphic design for blogs or articles. If you write content or copy, you need them to showcase your audiences to visualize what you wrote or describe your product.

Or suppose you are a social media marketer. In that case, you need highly engaging graphics to engage your audience. Or you do Youtube marketing, you need the design to put them on channel art, or as video background footage, you need graphic designing the most.


And if you are a solopreneur, you hunt clients from LinkedIn or other social media channels or inbound and outbound leads. You create strategies for them. In digital marketing, you need graphics to beautify the blogs and give them a clear-cut understanding of what your audience knows – you need designs to paint a better picture.

Benefits of Graphic Designing for a Digital Marketer

Just like a design speaks a thousand words, it not only breaks the content or a page of a website into small segments, it beautifies and delivers messages that are crystal clear for the audience to understand or to take further action. So a graphic always plays a crucial role in a digital marketer’s life.

If you have a website and you sell products or services, you need them to connect and paint a better picture in your audience’s mind along with your web or sales copy or email campaigns.

Let’s suppose you have lost your job in this pandemic and did not get a decent paying job, and choose freelance as you have good marketing skills. You can write content, post them on social media, create backlinks for more visibility of websites on search engines for particular keywords.

Since you have just started, you need to partner with a graphic designer, but he/she charges a bomb, and when you pay that, you leave with hardly any profit. And if you don’t add relevant and quality content, your client is not happy with what you do or the stock images you put in. Your client needs to be specific. So what can you do next?

Either you can look for someone beginner who is into graphic designing and can deliver you great designs. Or you can start learning by yourself where you can design seamlessly without much effort and ask your client to pay you extra for it, or ask your client to look for a graphic designer (it will cost him/her a bomb) & unlikely he/she will go for it.

What would you do in the above three cases? To know my answer, read it till the end. I’m going to reveal the best tools that will change your life forever as a digital marketer or content creator.

5 Software to Design Stunning Graphics like a Pro

If you start learning Photoshop and other professional software, it will take a lot of your time to master and develop professional skills. But with these five software, you can start as a beginner to design great graphics with existing templates and craft hassle-free designs.

1. Snappa

Snappa is a great SaaS product, a cloud-based designing software that’s a great fit for bloggers, social media marketers, visual content creators, and digital marketers who hardly have design experience with photoshop and illustrator. One of the top-notch features at Snappa is you can collaborate with your team. You can learn tips by watching free videos on Youtube and Snappa influencers.

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But the account is free for a single user, and the downside is you can’t download more than five images per month. However, you can benefit from the team plan by paying $20 to add five members to the group and create unique graphical content.

2. Crello

Crello is a Saas product similar to Snappa, a great competitor that helps you create seamless graphic designing in seconds with a professional touch. You can make the logo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, websites, and a lot. Here the extraction limits to five. You can download as many times as you want. It comes with a pre-designed template that you have to select and edit with free available options.

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But to use the paid elements and animation, you have to use the Crello pro account. You have to pay $7.99 if you choose the yearly package and $9.90 if you choose monthly plans.

3. Canva

Here comes my most favorite graphic designing tool being a non-professional graphic designer. It has many templates and categories to choose from. One of the biggest competitors to Crello and Snappa, where your design looks more professional with some Midas touch, and youtube Canva influencers help. Every layout you create here looks like you created using Photoshop, but ready-made templates with a few tweaks look unique and glossy to the eyes.

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There are more than thousands of templates available. You choose one, there are always more to choose from, and the best part is you can download them unlimited times in whatever format you want. The pro version has all the advanced functions, and you can use them for 30 days for free.

4. Venngage

Do you love infographics? Never say you don’t. Everyone loves it, as they look beautiful to the eyes, they break the long-form content and provide great info in creatives, always make sure the color you choose must be appealing, and reflect your brand color. You can use them on blogs and articles to beautify them, and this simplicity makes Venngage one of the best tools for creating infographics.

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It’s easy to use and has many ready-made templates. Since it supports many social media channels, you can post directly on any social media platform to reflect your brand messages. This five software

5. Tailor Brands

An Ai-powered logo maker is your compressive branding suite to create your display ads, social media banners, and other branding essentials flawlessly. Here you can cater to all your designs at a reasonable price. For this reason, here are great for non-graphic designers who want a professional touch. This software works on automation, where you have to tell what you want, and it designs what you say or demand.

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Final Words

Did you ever wonder how they have multiple templates for various categories? You choose one, and they will show you many similarities. If you are yet to know, let me tell you that their work on KNN algorithm using R that groups similar structures together and show you the best ones that most people choose.

So in this blog, you learned about graphic designing and why every digital marketer or data scientist needs to fill in their blogs with infographics. You also learned about the benefits of graphic designing, along with five software that makes your designing stunning like a pro even though you have zero experience in graphic design. Besides them, you can also use Clip Studio Paint for drawing with graphics and vectors. Through Clip Studio Paint Sale you can also make savings on it.

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