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10 Crucial Warning Signs That You Need to Call Siding Contractor

Spring season is a time in which you make changes and start a new beginning. We have seen that the weather in different regions of America has changed a lot and how hot it has become. Sometimes as you all know, the change of weather produces discoveries for the homeowners. Siding is the most important when it comes to home make-over. You need to know what is the condition of the siding of your house. Home siding means a layer of protection that keeps your home safe from harsh outside weather. As nothing can last forever, your home siding is no exception. When it gets older, it starts indicating that you should call a siding contractor. Here are they:

If Your Home Ask For Frequent Paints

If you paint the outside walls of your house a few years ago and now it again demands renovation, it is the sign that siding is a problem. Siding should get repaired as soon as possible.

Increased Energy Consumption

Is your power bill skyrocketing? This may happen due to the lack of insulation in your walls. One of the important functions of home siding is to keep the house insulated from different temperatures. Rising heat and the cost of the power bills is a sign that siding is over and it’s time to get a new one.

Rotting Siding

First of all, thoroughly inspect the outer area of the house. The appearance of decaying wood on the exterior of a household property often indicates water-related problems. It is apparent and can be seen from the naked eyes that siding is rotting. To check more accurately, use a sharpened object and hit the siding board, if you feel the soft layers inside, it is the sign that indicates siding should be replaced.

Cracked Siding & Peel-off

A siding of any home, it is an essential role play in your exterior of the house because siding is in excellent condition and should be clear caulk lines. Showing the job was handled by any professional siding contractor. Huge cracks are indicative of week and depreciated sidings. It should be immediately replaced before any accident. There can also be a serious issue with the leakage if the cracked and coming off siding is left untreated.

siding contractor
siding contractor

Mold and Fungus

Fungus and unwanted plants find their way in aged sidings which later on cause severe seepage problems. However, it is not necessary that all the molds are alarming but shouldn’t be left untreated. Professional help is advised in such cases. Better to call a siding contractor immediately.

Peeling off Paint Inside the Home

Painted siding is known to last longer than unpainted siding. The role of the paint is that it acts as a protective coating that protects your siding from moisture. You must see that your color is commencing to peel, then your siding is at risk, and immediate work is required to stop the problem from worsening further. We often stick beautiful wallpapers in our home. If these wallpapers are started peeling off or look chipped, take it as a sign of poor siding that can no more do the job of maintaining unwanted moisture on the walls.

Faded Siding

Does your siding look dull no subject how many times you paint it? Eventually, the cost of continuously painting your siding will increase. Siding that has lost its original colour shade and charm, indicates that its lifespan is over. Since everything comes with an expiry, siding also can’t last forever. Faded siding can’t do its work with perfection as compared to the new siding. You should replace such faded siding instantly.


Sometimes scorching weather and moisture can cause bubbling or blistering siding. But it can also be a problem with the boards under the siding. When bubbles find their place under the sidings, this indicates that water is getting collected there. If that’s the case, siding replacement is a must. Out of many, one purpose of siding is to keep the moisture away instead of keeping it inside. The best option is to call the siding contractor to locate the issue.


Again holes are the sign of moisture in the siding which is not a good indicator about the health of the sidings. You should not ignore even the small pores. Otherwise, it may cause huge damage.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a mold created by moisture that weakens wood and causes it to rot. You certainly do not want this on your siding, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. If your home siding has reached the expiry, you will observe dry rot underneath the siding surface. This is the sign that all the material that protects the siding is done.

Bottom Line

Siding is very important for not only the beauty of your home but for also protecting it from harmful elements. So, if you notice these signs, don’t delay in the replacement of sidings.

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