8 Types of Contractors for Construction Project

Just like, if you ever experienced to renovate your building, at that moment you heard the word “contractor” tossed around. Yet, what is a contractor? To explain suitably, a contractor is an expert in the construction field with you does an agreement to play out a task in your place. Or on the other hand, the contractor performs the activities of work that are needed to complete the venture.

While a general contractor may be the most notable “sort” of the contractor, there are few subcontractors also you should think about them. The following paragraphs list the 8 type of contractors who sees and understand everything about detail that leads up to the completed project alongside offering all its vital services.

Look at the list of major types of contractors and subcontractors present in Construction Companies in UAE to show you which one you have to employ for your next building revamping venture.


1. General Contractor

General Contractor is the director to construct a building or renovate a venture in accountable for hiring all experts and suppliers to get the task complete.

2. Carpenter

Woodworkers are the masters of wood in completing building ventures, with having some expertise in specialties like cabinetmaking, framework, or completions like crown shaping.

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3. Drywaller

Drywall is what constructs an ordinary wall in a building and some subcontractors spend significant time in its installation.

4. Painter

After the completion of the wall, you will require a painter to have some shading on them. Even though some building proprietors do this step themselves.

5. Roofer

If you want to supplant the roof of your building at any time, then general contractual worker will recruit a roofer for the activity. A few roofers can likewise assist you with your canals.

6. Excavator

In case you are constructing a building from the initial step, or doing some addition in it, you will need to work with an excavator to clear the earth from your property in anticipation of establishing a framework.

7. Concrete Specialist

Regardless of whether you are keen on utilizing concrete as an enhancing component in your building or need a strong concrete establishment, you will need to take advantage of an expert concrete contractor to ensure the activity is done well.

8. Floor Laying

If you want to perform some other work on your floor than simple tile work, you will need to counsel a floor laying contractor, who can assist you including rug to engineered wood flooring to vinyl.

Engineered Parquet Flooring

Thus, we cannot deny the importance of the above-mentioned contractors along with sub-contractors as it is impossible to complete the project without them. So, Contractors in Dubai are considered the best in the world, as they take care of their field related work efficiently.

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