5 Qualities An Effective Online English Teacher Should Possess

Online English teachers have been in-demand in the past few years due to increased non-native English-speaking races wanting to learn the language. Realizing that the best way to convey messages clearly is learning how to speak the universal tongue, more non-English speaking people seek help online. This demand opened doors for people with proficient skills in English a career path: teach the language.

Teaching English online is a stark difference from teaching it inside the four corners of a classroom. However, the same factors have to be considered in teaching it virtually, which includes the teacher’s skills. Does it fit the requirements necessary for learning the language in an online setting?

To learn English well, or anything for that matter, it has to be taught well. The process will be incomplete if the teacher can’t give the help their students need.

If you’re an employer, a student, or an aspiring online tutor, here are five qualities you should look for in an effective online English teacher.

1. Dedication to students

Not only do you need to dedicate yourself to what you’re teaching, but you also have to show dedication to your students. Show that you genuinely care about them learning English. Establish a true relationship between you and them with the English language as its foundation.

The best companies that recruit online tutors in other countries to teach different nationalities include this as an assessment factor in hiring. For instance, to be an English teacher in the Philippines in a virtual setup, you’ve got to show the recruiter that you can reach your students. You’ve got to put all the effort into connecting with them beyond the screen.


The ones that truly dedicate themselves to help their students learn are simply the best. You will be highly recommended if you show that you can do this because it’ll be visible in your students’ performance. Students who feel that you care about them learning the language will learn faster and display strong skills.

2. Acceptance and understanding

People who avail of online learning services to learn English are mostly non-native English speakers. They need assistance in understanding the globally spoken language because it’s not their first or second language. These students come from different continents, which means that they grew up in different cultures.

An effective virtual English mentor needs to accept and understand that their students are different. In fact, it’s a must that you do so because it’ll hinder their capability to learn from you if you don’t. It’s the only way to adapt your teaching techniques so they can understand you better.

3. Interactive

Engaging students is more crucial in online classes. One of the biggest obstacles of virtual teaching is capturing students’ attention and sustaining it for the entire session. The fact that both parties aren’t present in the same venue is more difficult for the teachers.

A great English teacher can deliver an interactive lecture even through a computer monitor. How you engage your students will prove how well you’re adapting and what you need to do to adapt to them. An interactive educator will also empower their students to participate, which is essential for improving their skills.

4. Adaptability

Being adaptable is a crucial skill to have as an online educator. You have to be attuned with your students, so you know how to react appropriately to what they do or say. They can change how they engage with you, depending on what part of your lecture you’re on.

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Having professional training in teaching secondary language will help in being adaptable. Equipping yourself with supplemental training can improve your teaching techniques to adapt to your students. It will also look great on your resume as well.

5. Patience

Last but not least, an effective online English educator possesses a ton of patience. Again, different students from different cultural backgrounds don’t learn the same way. You have to be patient with all of them and let them learn the language at their own pace.


Having what it takes to be an online English teacher means you need to be at your best. You have to love what you do, and that has to be felt by your students. Embody these qualities, and the results will show and speak for you.

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