8 Best Torrent Websites Worth Exploring

With most of them getting banned following the court orders and the risk of being unsafe and dangerous for your data, Torrent Websites are losing their popularity.

If you are new to torrent sites don’t panic, there’s a lot of Torrents websites you will find on the internet while some of them come up with a warning, and some of them don’t work, for which you can refer to techwhoop.com, to find ways to solve them. But if you really go in a deep search like me, you will find the best torrent websites that actually work and you can watch movies totally free. For all the binge-watchers out there, also people who are looking out for movies, and unable to find it, here are 8 Torrent websites that have been used to download some of the best iconic still underrated movies and series of all time.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is check torrent websites on google, you will find a lot of results, make sure you connect with a stable VPN. It ensures your safety. while downloading anything from such websites, it may damage your system so precautions must be taken.

If you are a torrent enthusiast, we have come up with the best torrent websites that work, are safe, and free of cost.


The website is full of content from various categories. Being in the business since 2008, it has an easy user interface, and the downloads happen super fast. It gets constant new updates to the content. It allows you to sign up with a username and password and also can be used as a guest. It is safe to say that the website lies at the fine line between private and public torrents.

2. TorrentDownloads

Finding ebooks that are rarely available online and free of cost is a hard job. This website provides all the underrated as well as famous ebooks, TV shows, anime, movies, and software from across the world. With a neat and organized user-friendly interface, this torrent site is perfect for you.

3. Zooqle

This torrent site is best known for games. It has over 3.5 million verified torrents and holds a vast collection of movies and TV shows as well. With a right balance of entertainment and software, this site is easy to use, and you’re most likely to find whatever you have been looking for. Zooqle keeps improving itself along the way and is recommended.

4. YTS

We all like a road down the memory lane, and who isn’t a fan of classic movies? It exclusively focuses on movies, and with a neat layout and attractive display of the collection, this website is a delight to the eyes. The torrents also are compatible with the different bandwidth and make it even easier to use. With its focus on all the varieties of movies, the only drawback is that it has just movies. You’ll have to find another site to catch up with your favorite TV shows and music.

5. Torrentz2

With popular apps like Spotify and Apple music having paid subscriptions to get the full benefits, torrent sites turn out to be a more efficient option. This site heavily focuses on music and has all the music you could want. With a minimalistic and reliable user interface, this torrent site remains popular among audiophiles.

6. 1337x

This is a one-stop destination for all the entertainment you would want to enjoy. It has options starting from music to TV shows, anime, movies, games, and software. And the collection is no doubt excellent. The simple and organized user interface, the site makes it most comfortable to find what you are searching for. With a very recent and massive rework, the site has now eliminated some severe security risks and is safe to use. It isn’t one of the most popular Torrent sites for no reason.

7. The Pirates Bay

This torrent site has been the most popular Torrent tracker in the world for so long and had to be put on the top. The content is mostly verified, and the VIP/trusted user tag lets you know which torrents are legitimate and safe. It has faced so many bans and shutdowns, but the fanbase still stands strong. The simple and organized user interface gives it an edge over the other sites and is easy to use even if you are a beginner. It has millions of torrents available from different categories.



It has a very disappointing past, but currently, it’s considered to be one of the best torrent websites. It has a collection of a wide range of television shows along with movies and the latest series. You can find anything on this website that you want to watch.

Its interface looks quite old, but the range of collections it provides is outstanding. You can find the details with all the latest episodes here. you can completely rely on this site in case you don’t find your shows, movies, or anything.

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