how parents can help with online learning

Online Tutoring in UK: How Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed

Online tutoring in the United Kingdom has reached new milestones after the pandemic. You are your child’s first and foremost essential teacher as a parent. Children perform well and show better attitudes about going to school when their parents and families are involved in their children’s schools. In reality, many studies suggest that what a family does has a more significant impact on a child’s academic success than how much money the family makes or how much education the parents have. Parents can help their children learn at home and throughout the school year in a variety of ways. Most parents have enrolled their children in online tutoring in the UK because of several benefits.

Here is how parents can help with online learning:

Parent Support for Online Learning

Communicating Positively and Take Care Of Mental Health

Being a good listener, creating safe spaces for discussion, and providing emotional support can help with stress management family bonding and give children the strength and confidence to communicate positive and challenging emotions with their parents. Parents can use the following strategies to promote constructive communication and mental health support:

  • With empathy, listen and provide advice.
  • Offer emotional support and care and make yourself available for it.
  • Consult other parents for parenting guidance, and encourage your children to seek help from their peers.
  • Compliment someone on their efforts and accomplishments.
  • Avoid using force, coercion, or pressure in any way.
  • Encourage youngsters to notice and accept things and feelings beyond their control.
  • Show that you can be a good role model by being responsible and considerate

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Encouraging Learning Needs

Encouraging your children and their unique learning needs will make the online learning experience go more smoothly and offer them the confidence and opportunities to overcome obstacles on their own and grow. Parents can do the following if their children are studying via online tutoring in the UK:

  • Establish a regimen and promote positive homework habits.
  • Time consumed in front of the screen should be the least.
  • Assist in creating an environment and area that is suitable for online learning.
  • Encourage kids to develop long-term objectives, make plans, and manage their time, effort, and emotions.

Create A Sound Learning Environment

Create a learning environment. Children want a place where they can concentrate, and by specialising in a place just for concentration, we are helping them train their brains to focus more efficiently.

They might, for example, have a designated location at a desk in a room where they conduct only their online learning and assignments. Allow them to leave their desk to check social networks or engage in activities other than focused work. Encourage them to leave their desks when they need to take a break.

Bonus: Their presence at that desk may convey to other members of the home that they are trying to concentrate and that everyone else should be quiet and careful not to disrupt. This is essential for children preparing especially for year 2 and year 6 Sats. As they need to learn many vital concepts for their exam preparations.

Discourage Multi-Tasking

It may seem self-evident that children must concentrate on one subject at a time, but this is no longer the case. Even though multitasking is unproductive, it feels productive. Having many screens functional and notifications streaming in makes youngsters feel active and stimulated, especially if they are bored and stuck in one place.

Multitasking, however, is the enemy of concentration. Statistics on tutoring effectiveness suggest that the human brain did not transition to focus on multiple tasks at once, and it still cannot—it can only switch back and forth quickly between them. This is a huge energy drain on children’s brains in many ways. They get fatigued (or wired) and inattentive due to it.

As parents, you can aid your children in setting up their learning environment, gadgets, and online time, to keep their focus. So they are not distracted by alerts and are not tempted to check social media obsessively. Turn off all alarms and set “do not disturb” on your phone, and designate a parking spot for it during school hours, allowing them to use only one screen at a time.

Give Them Motivation

Using sticks and candies to motivate children is its type of parental hell. It is not easy to study without self-motivation. Fortunately, parents can help their children develop self-motivation by encouraging competence, independence, and social connections. These three psychological demands lead to self-motivation. This tip is for parents as well as online tutors i.e. English, Maths and Science tutors. They can keep their students motivated to make sure they learn the specific subject they teach.

Prepare Them For Exams

The importance of exams in deciding a student’s grade cannot be overstated. Your kid may be required to take one or more standardised exams including 11 plus and 12 plus exams. During the school year, your child’s online tutor may devote class time to exam preparation. As a parent, there are multiple ways you may support your kid before and after a 12 plus exam, as well as a variety of ways you can keep your child’s learning habits daily to help her be better prepared when the time comes to be tested.

Give Freedom

Your children need the freedom to fail independently and the space to triumph without crediting you. If you are still the organisational force, your children will not feel responsible for their schoolwork.

Benefits of Online Tutoring in the UK

Compared to conventional education, online tutoring in the UK provides more flexibility and convenience. There is no need to travel, you can take classes from almost anywhere if your child has Internet access. So, even if you’re on vacation, your child will not miss a tutoring session.

how parents can help with online learning

Furthermore, online tutoring provides a broader range of tuition and course options. These diverse courses include SATs online tuition, 11 plus and 12 plus exam preparation. As a result, you will have an approach to skilled and experienced tutors as well as a wide range of course alternatives that may not be accessible in your area.

Effects Of Tutoring On Academic Performance

Online Tutoring in the UK has several advantages for students. Tutoring sessions allow them to understand the subject matter better, and these advantages transfer over. Because they have someone to motivate. Tutors can assist students in mastering the fundamentals of their coursework so that when the subject matter becomes more complex, they will have a strong foundation.

Tutoring can benefit in many ways. Tutoring provides additional individualised learning to supplement the classroom experience. It can also help students in improving their assignment grades. A tutor can assist your student with time management and assignment completion. Students who might be hesitant to voice a question in class may feel more at ease with a tutor. A tutor can help them while studying independently, students can focus and stay organised more successfully.

Online tutoring in the UK is effective for so many reasons discussed in this blog. Moreover, this blog briefly stated the tips for parents to help their children succeed.

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