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Master Bedroom Design: 7 Gorgeous Fall Trends for 2022

This fall, your bedroom will be everything but boring! If you’re looking for a few cool trends to try out and liven up your sleeping quarters before winter, we got you. From bigger remodeling projects to tiny home improvement touch-ups, you’ll definitely find something that will transform your master bedroom from dull to dreamy.

1. Cute farmhouse

No, we don’t think about that rough farmhouse feel your grandparents had to endure! Modern farmhouse look is much more gentle and soft which makes it perfect for bedrooms! It mixes traditional elements of country houses like metal beds, salvaged wood and soft colors with modern industrial accessories and fairly minimalist vibe. However, the stars of most farmhouse spaces are painted wood-clad walls that give it a touch of undeniable warmth and charm!

2. Rustic chic

Ok, rustic style is very hard to define, because it’s not so much a style as it is a feeling and a vibe. But, long story short, it comes down to distressed natural materials, natural and neutral colors and touches of primitive materials like bone, fur and stone. It’s quite a casual fall style, perfect for bedrooms that denote comfort, relaxation and warmth!

However, don’t think that you must devoid your bedroom of all modern additions if you want to create a rustic vibe. For instance, thick covers and knit throws will fit nicely with contemporary lighting!

3. Warm and cozy materials

Fall instantly reminds us of things that are warm: hearty food, hot drinks and cozy clothes! So, boost the warmth and comfort in your bedroom with a few soft additions to your space. Start by treating yourself to a new mattress to make the cool nights cozy. Today, you have so many different kinds to choose from (latex, memory, hybrid…) and all of them offer amazing comfort and great support for your back.

master bedroom design ideas

For instance, if you opt for a king mattress, you can even pick your own firmness and warmth levels to create the ultimate mattress perfect for your lifestyle, habits and requirements. Plus, they provide maximum airflow and breathability! Once you have your base, adorn it with soft linen, gorgeous throws and fluffy decorative pillows. All things tartan are perfect for autumn, so make sure to sneak in a checkered detail to your bedroom!

4. Bold colors

If you wish to give your bedroom a bold vibe perfect for fall, then grab a paint bucket and get to work! Strong, moody colors have been popular colors for quite some time, and they are here to stay, especially now that the fall is almost upon us. Think deep navy or indigo, dark gray or luxurious dark chocolate brown statement walls!

They are super soothing and create a relaxing vibe that every fall bedroom needs. Not brave enough to go for dark colored walls? Use small touches of these moody colors as accents!

5. Wallpaper

Many people have a bad opinion about wallpapers because they don’t know how much they’ve changed! Forget those fussy, small patterns from 20, 30 years ago and check out modern, large and bright designs perfect for any space and all interior styles.

Look for a strong color and an interesting design, pick an accent wall and voila! You have a cheap, easy and stylish fall addition! Opt for easily removable type, so that you can replace them come warmer weather.

6. Warm metals

Chrome, pewter and silver are great for the summer, but fall needs something warmer! So, think about introducing a few gold and copper elements to your bedroom for a bit of deep shine. However, don’t overdo it with metallic accents! Feel free to mix different metals, but a few elements are all you need to achieve a big effect. Think metallic bedside lamps, picture frames, furniture accents and even cabinet hardware!

7. Fall decoration

Add some charm to your walls with some fall wreaths and welcome autumn nature indoors! Make sure to incorporate must-have fall details like leaves, berries, twigs and acorns and you’ll have a beautiful statement piece on your bedroom wall! And, don’t feel obliged to stop at one. Combine a few different wreaths over your headboard and achieve even bigger effect!

Another essential fall element are definitely candles! Thick pillar candles paint a big picture while tiny tealight candles create a subtler atmosphere. Also, scents like caramel, vanilla, pumpkin and mulled wine will fill your bedroom with warm aromas and create some sweet dreams. But, whichever type you choose, make sure to practice candle safety and get candle holders and put them out before you fall asleep or leave the room!

It’s very easy to give your bedroom a fall makeover in 2022 when you have these amazing bedroom design ideas to leave you inspired. So, no matter if you’re up for a bigger remodel or just want to add a few small details, fall is definitely the perfect time to undertake such a project. And, after you’re finished, you can enjoy your masterpiece all through the season!

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