10 Best Mobile App Ideas for Startups

Are you in search of a unique yet innovative mobile app for your tech startup? Then that means you are in the right place! We have done a comprehensive mobile app market to offer you the most appropriate list that is mostly needed by customers! Below are the most trustworthy mobile app ideas that can move you to success.

1. Live streaming app

This app encourages its users to broadcast live to their audiences around the globe. The app is accessible from any android or iOS device, even those that have minimal specifications. It is possible to view videos on the page of the individuals who did its broadcasting. Above that, it features segments where you can easily earn famous streaming.

2. eLearning app

Basing on the latest technology usage and tools, schools worldwide are adopting the new trends of online learning. Schools are demanding their student to have this kind of mobile app as it helps them impart education to learners even when they are in remote regions. Today, there is a high demand for the eLearning app, one of the main reasons you consider it a startup idea.

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3. The COVID-19 guideline app

As we all know, the world is fighting against coronavirus disease, and it has been a long time since it hit the earth. However, there may be some people who are still confused about the COVID-19 symptoms and other vital guidelines. It has made the rate of searches to get high, meaning people would need an application that can easily offer complete information regarding the deadly disease. Therefore, consider keeping it among your list of startup mobile app ideas!

4. Dating apps

In the contemporary world, everything has turned to the internet, and dating is not an exception. People prefer finding and dating online. Most people argue that they have limited time searching for loved ones as they have mostly scheduled for their job. The little time they have after the job is not enough to physically run their other errands and date. And for this reason, many people in this generation relies on dating online! Exciting, but that is the fact. There is a huge demand for a reliable online dating app. Consider getting an online dating app as your startup, and you will not go wrong!

5. Fantasy sports app

The best medium of entertainment for most people on their phones is that most of us today are engulfed with our phones. Several fantasy sports can be found on the phone through the fantasy sports app.


The primary reason for this kind of game is that people can make their virtual teams by playing any available games. There are different games and sports available online where you play and chose the winners. It is indeed the best option for deciding the startup best mobile app idea for you.

6. On-demand doctor app

With the current deadly disease around the world coronavirus, it is right for you to remain indoor and not visit hospitals or other medical facilities. It is because many COVID-19 patients are flooded in hospitals, and it is quickly spread. It is not a good idea for visiting hospitals if you have another general health issue as you can easily contract the disease.

Today, even doctors are consulting their patients virtually through online consultation apps for the doctors. So, It is an amazing idea to have an on-demand app as it will be a fruitful option for startup bearing in mind what the world is going through.

7. Yoga and meditation app

This app is for enhancing individuals to keep fit through exercise. It will help you stay fit, relaxed, and calm without having to enroll in the gym classes. Alternatively, people can do their yoga and meditation right at the comfort of their houses at their homes. Do you intend to choose this as one of your starts up mobile best app ideas? Then you will truly gain success, wealth, and health. Many people will subscribe and buy your app. considering that gyms are expensive, and people are also avoiding crowded areas during this pandemic period!

8. Health and fitness app

A recent survey conducted shows that there has been an abrupt increase in the number of individuals in search of online workout and fitness programs. It could be a result of several reasons. Perhaps you need a guideline on how to do it. You have a busy schedule at work, and your app will help you keep fit. Developing a health and fitness app will help you make a fortune as many people are in search of it.

9. Live training app

This application will enable organizations to train either their students, workers, vendors or any clients who are at a distance. Adding a great feature in your app will enhance the overall performance of their training course. Additionally, you can embed functionalities that will make it possible for the users to access.


10. Parking app

It is one of the latest app ideas and, of course, the most sort of app in this world. Creating such an app can help you relieve people from the struggles of getting an area to park their vehicles. Ensure to feature GPS for location, webcams, and other parking information to easily find and show free parking areas around the users in real-time!


The provided ten samples of the mobile app are best ideologies that can help you make money while still making the lives of people bearable and easy to handle. We hope the provided information regarding the innovative startup mobile app idea will be useful to you. Probably, you now have an idea of where to begin in the venture of the best app ideas that helps people deliver the best solutions to their client.

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