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6 Ways Mobile App Can Boost ROI Of Your Business

With business going digital, mobile apps are the ways to keep your customers engaged in your business and products. One of the solid reasons for having a business app is you can use push notifications to drive attention. Personalized messages to hook them and irresistible offers for maximum conversion. According to Statista, mobile apps are expecting to generate nearly $275 million by 2022.

Seeing the above statements, one can easily predict that those days are not far, where each business will have its apps. Today, many businesses are already owning an app for their new and existing customers. Along with that, it’s easy to stay connected with audiences 24*7 through smart devices. And they prove to be the best services customers are looking for.


When you see e-commerce industries like Amazon, online clothing vendors like Myntra, music app firms are investing massively to develop their apps. And they also make sure it contains the best UI and UX and become more responsive so that customers can spend most of their time on dedicated apps. And these apps are very easy to use since they use machine learning algorithms like logistic regression using R.

Today, most of the businesses have their apps and those who don’t have been looking for it already. There are many ways to sell and upsell their products and generate more revenue targeting existing and new customers.


Here are the top seven ways Mobile Apps can Boost the Return on Investment (ROI) of your business. Therefore if you are thinking about owning your dedicated app for business, the best time is now to invest in it.

Push Notification Using Geo-Targeting

Businesses use push notifications to remind their customers of specific offers or something waiting for them in the cart. But with geo-tagging facilities, helps them to target audiences from particular locations. In countries like India, many grand sales take place at least 4 to 5 in a year. This way, these businesses can send push notifications to the people of India with exciting and irresistible offers. That too only to their customers in India rather than targeting the world.

Businesses can hook online customers who abandoned the cart or are looking for other products via their mobile apps. And this way, push notification helps firms to boost the business ROI with simple remainders.

Providing Freemium Opportunities

One of the most effective ways for why mobile apps marketing is leveraging is because of the freemium facilities they are providing. For 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days, they give premium features for free. That will make customers fall in love with their apps with so many customization facilities.

After the end of the free trial, they charge the total amount to keep using the premium facilities. And for those who are not ready to pay the full amount, they still let them use their apps but with limited facilities. It is for Saas kind of industries that give software as a service as mobile apps or web apps. (Music apps, Netflix, Hotstar, and others).

Using Funnel For Maximum Conversion

In mobile apps, there are maximum chances that customers will bounce with a simple distraction. If you are thinking about what is bounce? Have you ever gone to a shop and came out without purchasing for some reason, then it bounced. It is most common in mobile, simple ads that can distract or some urgency comes in the middle, the chances of bounce are maximum.

Therefore, the food and e-commerce industries have their apps. Where push funnel with good discounts for their dedicated customers. And through sales funnels, the chances are high when they see massive discounts. Or you offer on products they are already looking to have.

Dynamics Ads With One-Time-Offer

Dynamic Ads With One Time Offer runs on the psychological trigger FOMO, in other words, fear of missing out. Now mobile devices with multiple ad campaigns and geo-targeting can collect the required amount of data from the customers. With no less than one mobile in individual hands. Businesses can easily target an audience and boost their ROI.

Keeping One-Time-Offer in mind, people don’t want to miss it, especially as you can see in e-commerce apps, food apps with deals of the day. Or lightning deals ending too soon with a countdown timer, and by the time it ends, they are already many new customers.


Using advanced machine learning and KNN algorithms, they track the purchased history and target them according to their purchase.

Mobile E-Payments Now Anywhere and Everywhere

With the world getting digitization, more transactions are happening digitally through e-payments. Bank accounts get coded with QR code and UPI Id, and all you need to do is scan them and process your payments. And money gets transformed from one account to another. With this, businesses can receive money early and process the product after getting confirmation.

Even when you have to visit a shop, you don’t have to carry cash in your wallet. Your smartphone does everything seamlessly, providing hassle-free service. It is making e-payments more trending, and with massive amounts of cashback, they are winning hearts all over the world.


End Points

Mobile devices and their apps are a great source to increase business revenue and efficiencies. And again, with mobile apps and sign-ups, it’s easy for them to collect the leads and target them. In various festivals and international offers.

With all these advanced technologies listed above, businesses can offer discounts before the festival time to increase business efficiencies. So that firms can generate higher ROI by making the minimum investment.

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