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Tips For Selecting Fantasy Cricket Team

Cricket is the ultimate fantasy for an Indian crowd. To be able to hit the wicket, graze the boundaries or simply ‘break the pitch’ is what a typical good game comprises. However, now you do not necessarily have to go all the way to the cricket field to be able to enjoy a great game of some good cricket. You can play online fantasy cricket and drive a good amount of thrill and money.

Here you get to select from the available players online and assign them as batsmen, bowlers, Captain and Vice-captain. This is where the real strategizing and the skill-play of your knowledge and experience come to light.

As you play cricket fantasy, you also get to win big and earn money. There are also various ‘perks’ and ‘wins’ at the in-betweens of the game that allows a player to add to their overall earnings. As this is an online game where real players are involved in a virtual game, it requires some amount of tips and tricks that can enhance your game, as you select the fantasy cricket team.

So, what are the few pointers that you need to keep in your mind as you play online fantasy cricket? Let us find out more:

  1. The Players Performance
  2. The Pitch Performance
  3. The Players Playing That day
  4. The Investments
  5. The top Order Batsmen
  6. The Captain and Vice-Captain
  7. The Plan and the Approach
  8. Unleash the Uncapped Players
  9. The Contests
  10. The Best of Players
  11. Many Teams and Many Contests

The Players Performance

As and when you put together your fantasy cricket team, you will have to focus on each player’s current form and not just their reputation. This requires you to select those players who are frequent players and play regular matches.

The Pitch Performance

While it is not possible for you to go in person and check out the Pitch, nevertheless a little amount of research goes a long way in helping you win big.

A flat pitch is what makes a wonderful playground for the batsmen and in such a case it is the best to go for a lesser number of bowlers. It is a great tip to follow that you need to select your team according to the Pitch you are selecting.

The Players Playing That Day

Some times when we play online fantasy cricket, we overlook to cross-check if the players we are picking up are playing or not.

It is a real downer when a certain player picked by you is injured or not playing that day.

The Investments

When you play cricket fantasy, we sometimes tend to bid on the higher-priced players. While this says a lot about the individual player, yet, they might not perform up to the expectations on that particular way.

The Top Order Batsmen

The other major tip for playing smart at the fantasy cricket is to select players who are at the top four positions. This is one of the major strategies to be able to win big at the game.

The Captain and Vice-Captain

As per performance, the Captain gets 2X and the Vice-captain gets 1.5X of earnings. So, based on the performances there is a major chance to win big at the games and thus earn big.

The Plan and the Approach

It is a smart move to be able to plan way ahead and focus on the fixtures. It is a good move to focus on the initial team and also to pick up the substitutes for the various upcoming games.

Online Fantasy Cricket

In order to be able to win big, it is important to be able to strategize right at the beginning of the game.

Unleash the Uncapped Players

This could do wonders for your bug win. As you play cricket fantasy, it is necessary to be able to give a chance to the uncapped player who, according to your analysis is talented and needs a chance to play big.

This includes picking the bowlers who usually perform in the middle overs and the wicket-keeper batsmen.

The Contests

One of the greatest features of the best fantasy website is the fact that they feature some really cool contests. This calls for some big-time wins and huge earnings.

As a player and a cricket lover, you will now need to utilize all the knowledge, skills and talents well into playing big at such contests. Playing at the contests makes for big wins and adds to the earnings in manners you might never know.

The Best of Players

While it is a tough call to analyze the performance of each player and to know just how good they are. However, here your skills, far sightedness, and knowledge come to play.

While you might be familiar with the players from your country quite well, it is worth an investment to take a look at the players from the other countries as well.

As you are putting together a virtual team, it is a great idea to take time to scan your options and weigh well your possibilities.

Many Teams and Many Contests

When you play online fantasy cricket it is a good idea to participate in a widespread way. This means putting together of more than one team and also participating in many contests.


The above 11 tips are helpful enough to know while you select your own fantasy cricket team. The best part about fantasy cricket is the involvement of real money along with the thrill of the game.

The main aspect of the game involves the players to participate as ‘team owners’ and put together a cricket team of 11 players.

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