Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Startups

Starting a new business and taking the first step towards realising your dream is not an easy task. You have to ensure the perfection of your products, choose the right channel for sales and research your target customers.

But one of the greatest challenges that most startups face is maintaining a positive cash inflow. While the traditional forms of advertising are quite costly, the small businesses today have embraced a variety of marketing tools that are traceable as well as cost-effective.

Even with a small budget, businesses can gain a foothold in the market and strengthen their presence to attract more conversions.

If you too, are looking out for marketing tactics that are not just effective but also stretch the worth of money for your business, then here are some amazing marketing ideas for startups:

1. Publish Great Content

The significance of kick-ass content never diminishes. If you are able to create it all by yourself then all the better! Afterall, you can save the extra bucks. It is not going to cost you massively to create some quality blogs, articles and guest blogs and have them published across the digital channels for perks. You can use contents for enhancing conversions and educate target audience.

2. Opt for Social Media Media Marketing

As a small business owner, one of the cheapest and most effective marketing forms is social media marketing. If you can spend some amount of time and effort you can do this in house. As your business grows you can begin using the tools for social media marketing for managing accounts. To help you out, here are some tips –

  1. Find your brand voice and adhere to it
  2. Select the right platforms where your target audience are found active
  3. Go for eye-catching, high-quality visuals for attracting the audience
  4. Regularly and consistently post on the social media contents
  5. Try out tactics that drive traffic to your website
  6. Add your web link into the social media bios
  7. Create your own branded hashtags for tracking the campaigns

You have to formulate a winning strategy that works for your social media marketing. These are just preliminary tips. Once you have mastered these you must dig deeper, upgrade your skills and try out more innovative social media tricks.

3. Try Out Video Marketing

Research has revealed that the information conveyed visually creates more impact on people’s mind than the textual versions. You should start to create high-quality instructional videos for catching the attention of the target audience without massive expenditure. Moreover, animated explainer video also becomes one of the most effective video marketing types to help your business stand out. You can use it for your business animated commercials to win the customers trust and increase conversion sales.

There are various popular sites like YouTube, TikTiok, Vimeo and much more where videos reach millions of viewers and generate brand awareness.


The How To videos are also quite loved amongst the audience and videos also prove to be an effective marketing tool. For broadening their brand appeal, startups that lack budget can always rely on the reach and power of business.

4. Develop Customer Referral Programs

Gift existing customers a free month of service or a free product or some other rewards for referring new customers to your business. Word-of-mouth is a powerful stuff so people telling friends and family about business is greatly valued.

5. Join Local Events (If Not Sponsor It)

Local events are always a great opportunity for promoting your business. So if you are not able to sponsor events presently, you can still join the local events designed by event planning experts and distribute freebies like customised pens, bags etc. with your business name printed on them. You can also use balloons with your business name at events. This is going to enhance your brand exposure to a great extent.

Now that you know these, try implementing one or more of these ideas and help your startup create its own niche in the industry without making a dent in the pocket.

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