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7 SEO Strategies To Improve Conversion Rate For B2B Marketing

Efforts for driving more customer traffic and ranking better on search engines at times look like in conflict with those to increase conversion rates for the website. B2B i.e., Business-to-Business owners are well-aware about the value of SEO in this sector as it can make one of the greatest impacts on the lead generation company. Not only it can turn out to be an efficient channel for the acquisition of new lead, but one can also improve the conversion rate with its help.

SEO aims at making the website accessible to the search engines for improving rankings while CRO i.e., Conversion Rate Optimization is related to improving the user experience for getting higher conversions. Only a handful of businesses can blend both for creating an amazing website that offers an exceptional user experience as well as also ranks good on the search engines. The secret here is utilizing SEO strategies to modify the conversion rate as well as to make the website searchable.

Here are 7 major SEO strategies that will take the conversion rate of your website to another level:

1. Identify the right keywords

Conventional keyword research is related to maximizing the click-through rate and tools, which, needless to say, are important, however, it is only the part of a puzzle. For successful B2B marketing, it is inevitable for you to utilize the appropriate research tools. You should have a grip on those fan-favorites keywords as it will help you comprehend what doesn’t, and does work. Ask previous clients and customers what search terms they utilized, how they approached navigating the website, and how they found you.

B2B SEO Marketing Keywords

In case you have the customer service team, tell them to collect information on the kinds of things people inquire about. What you should be focused on, is those long-tail, ultra-specific keywords, which will bring in those customers who are at the funnel’s bottom i.e., who are about to make a purchase. Then, you should determine the intention behind those so that you can produce pages that answer user concerns or questions for a specific search term and rank as well.

2. Produce exceptional content

Do you know that B2B organizations that blogged over 11 times every month had about 3 times more traffic as compared to those blogging 0-1 times every month. When it comes to efficient B2B marketing, one of the major things to keep in mind is that you should publish quality, regular content on the website. Through continuous developments in Google Analytics, it is possible for segmenting and understanding the audience in multiple views.

You can classify the audience based on the following:

  • Technology (Tells about network used for accessing site, OS, and Browser)
  • Demographics (Gender, Age)
  • Date of First Visit
  • Behaviour (Returning v/s new, engagement metrics and frequency of sessions)
  • Geography (Location and Language)
  • Traffic Sources (Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet)

According to all this information, you become able to comprehend the audience extremely, and thereby generate customized content catering for driving higher engagement. Always remember that content is a bridge that connects what you provide and what the customers are searching for at the buyer journey’s every step.

3. Blend A/B testing along with SEO

When done correctly, split testing can assist you to grab more leads, increase sales, and have more visitors. For setting up an effective and safe split test, you are required to offer Google particular data about the original page. Regarded as a significant SEO strategy, combining SEO with A/B testing gives an additional layer of complexity, as 2 groups of pages are not identical. Every user views distinctive variations on the same page. The page that transforms a higher percentage of the users is the ultimate winner.


Not only does it help in addressing the distinctions between groups of the pages, but it also assists to secure against the effects like –

  • Spikes or seasonality.
  • The Google Algorithm update.
  • Unrelated modifications to the website.

Please note that 51% of all site traffic is derived from organic search, 5% for social, 10% from the entire paid search, as well as 34% from other sources.

4. Utilize Neurodesign for improving user experience

For doing this, make sure that the page titles are specifically written for users as well as not only for search engines. Adding keywords, using motivating words, and improving the tiles will bring attention to your website and you will be able to see a huge boost in the conversion rate. Modifying user experience with the use of neurodesign is indeed a great SEO strategy that helps you better 3 metrics. You increase visitor time spent on the website, reduce bounce rate, and enhance repeat visits.

B2B SEO Strategies

All of these things assist improve the rank of your website. The term, “Neurodesign” was coined in the year of 2012. It defines the way of designing things that makes sense to one’s mind. This is the way to modify the customer’s experience that can improve conversions, all depends upon aesthetics.

5. Improve the Page Loading Time

A major thing to help modify the time your website visitors stay on the page is by improving its loading time. However, it is something that a lot of people overlook. Consider the fact that loading time is a major contributing factor to the site and page abandonment. In case it takes a bit longer than necessary to load, then usually people would abandon the same from impatience. In case you wish to make the most of SEO services for your B2B business, check the page speed at the Pagespeed Tool of Google (both desktop and mobile).

The benefit of using Content Distribution Networks is that whenever the website loads up, only core HTML is loaded from the original server. Static content like CSS, Javascript, and images, gets loaded from the other server that has already optimized the content for faster loading. This is how Content Distribution Networks speed up the website. Generally, the time that would be needed for loading a single page on mobile phones is now 22 seconds.

6. Leverage visual elements and video

The explainer videos play a significant role in boosting conversion rates. These videos offer companies a chance to convey their value proposition. Efficient SEO services for your B2B business are required for increasing rates and that can be done by explainer videos that help enhance time spent on website and page engagement. Now, the question arises is that what is the decent visit duration? Between 30 seconds-2 minutes is good, anything more than 2 minutes is best, and less than 30 seconds is extremely poor.

B2B SEO Videos

The duration of every visitor’s stay on the website of your company is relevant for the success of your site. The longer your website visitor stays on the site, the higher its rank is on the search engines. Also, opening the video channel for the business website or Vimeo or YouTube might seem good for increasing subscribers. Create the sitemap along with important information like category and title for letting Google capture information. Your hosting should be instant for supporting the video, and you require captivating, strong content for gaining visitor’s attention in the short period.

7. Maintain the ‘scent’ of your entry page

Having a robust connection between the organic search result, or source ad, and a particular landing page is inevitable for conversion. In case you click on the result or ad and find yourself somewhere unexpected, then this can turn out to be a great problem for you as well as the B2B companies. Information “scent” promises visitors that they are at the correct place. Scent impact whether the visitor arrives on the website and soon leaves (bounce rate) or just stays around for completing the purchase.

How to optimize the page for scent

  • Design a clear website structure.
  • Match H1 heading and title tag.
  • Set the local phone numbers that are based upon GeoIP for the organic business location, as well as you can try a new feature of click-to-call in the organic results.
  • Stay cautious with the dynamic search advertisements for the category pages.
  • Adjust the layout based on the keywords.
  • Ensure the fact that you exclude out-of-stock products from the search results.

In terms of SEO, and especially the type of language used on the website, is there any difference between the B2B companies and the B2C one? Well, the answer is both no and yes. No because of the way you measure return i.e., data, analytics, and metrics etc.is similar. Yes, when it comes to the audience. SEO for B2B sites is the same standard formula for some modified applications. Utilize the above-mentioned strategies for staying ahead of the competitors, as well as up-to-date with all the current conversion strategies. Using these B2B SEO strategies will help you in ranking better in the search engines as well as increasing the conversions.

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