Guide to Finding the Perfect Office Space in Miami

Finding the right office space can be a crucial step for your business. It can be the “make it or break it” factor. Even though there is plenty of office space available in Miami, finding something that is perfectly suited to you and your business is no easy task. Working from your home office might be fine up to a certain point, but once your business starts to grow, you will need to find an office space suited to your needs. Finding out about all the things you need to consider is a time-consuming task so we’ve done the research for you. Here are our conclusions that can serve as a guide to finding the perfect office space in Miami.

Factors to Consider

As with any major life decision, making your choice an informed one is the first step. Acquiring office space in a random manner will not lead you to success. There are so many different things to consider, how you are going to relocate your office and equipment being just one of them. While professionals like can help you with the latter, it is you who will have to make the final call when it comes to the location. Here are the most important things for you to consider when looking for office space in Miami.

Start off small

No matter how optimistic you might be about the potential of your business, don’t go overboard. Renting, leasing, or buying an office space which is much bigger than your current needs will just add to the expenses you as an owner should consider and try to reduce. Larger spaces require more maintenance and other associated costs are usually higher as well. In addition to this, if your business is doing well, you can always expand or relocate. However, if your business isn’t generating the revenue you expected it to, it is also easier to get out.

Identify what you are looking for in an office space

Finding office space that fulfills absolutely all of your wishes is no easy task and this is why it is important to identify and prioritize your requirements. Consider the basics such as Internet access, business security systems, heating and cooling, the layout, but also consider whether there is an adequate number of parking spaces nearby as well as public transport availability. When considering the layout, try to picture any office equipment you already own or plan on purchasing and where it could fit in.

Surround  yourself with potential customers

No matter what field of business you are in, you must have identified a customer or client base. Whether you are in the retail industry or provide a service such as a sports agent, you need to be close to the people you work with. The Internet has made connecting with people easier than ever, but nothing can replace personal contact. This means you should try to find office space that is close to your customer base as it should increase the number of transactions your business has. Analyze different marketing ideas for small business startups that could attract more clients.


Learn to negotiate

Negotiating is a skill, one that can be finely tuned. Read up on various negotiating techniques and keep in mind that everything is negotiable. In some cases, you might even be able to get a month’s rent free depending on what length of lease you are signing. This might sound unbelievable to you but it actually isn’t that uncommon. You just have to know how to ask and negotiate. The worst that can happen is that you come across a stubborn owner who won’t give in, in which case, it is again up to you to decide how much you want that particular space. Some landlords choose to charge startups and small businesses large security deposits, so try to negotiate those costs down as well.

Consider the price, but not only the price

One mistake which business owners often make when relocating to new office space is that they don’t consider all of the aspects of leasing. The monthly rent is just one factor that will affect your total costs. Consider the state of the office space you are thinking of renting and the possible maintenance costs associated with it. Also, talk to other businesses or tenants in the building and find out what their experiences have been like. When you find a place of your liking and you need help transporting office equipment to new space, hiring local professional movers from Miami will surely lead to a quick resolution.

Ask for flexibility

When you decide to try out your negotiating skills, make sure to look for some flexibility from your new landlord in terms of your lease agreement, but also regarding expansion options, or in case you have to cut your stay short. Flexibility around the coverage of maintenance costs is also important.


Talk to your employees

Talk to your employees. Their needs will not be the number one deciding factor for you as a business owner, but they can help and guide you towards an office space that will satisfy both your needs and theirs. Research has shown that the proximity to their homes and ease of access are the most important factors for employees. Finding an office space that your employees can get to quickly and easily will ensure that less time is spent commuting and more time spent working. It will also contribute towards their happiness, and a happy employee is a productive one.


Now you know

Now that we have gone through the most important factors to consider when looking for office space in Miami, the task at hand should be a bit easier. We hope you find the right space for your business which will motivate you and your employees on route to success.

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