How To Take Care Of Your Celebrity Style Wigs

Drag queen wigs come in a wide range of styles and colors and are an important part of various celebrity shows and fashion parties. Whether it’s the pink Marilyn Monroe-style drag wigs, or multi-color braided wigs, wearing them makes you look out of the league in any fashion party or event.

Wearing drag wigs can beautify your outlook significantly and to ensure its longevity and keep it in good shape you must give due care to your wigs. Here are some key tips for taking care of your celebrity style wigs.

1. Store the Wig Properly

Drag wigs like every other wig type require proper storage space to ensure it does not lose out of its shape and form. You can store it in a tall hat box, as doing it will ensure, the wig shape is not disturbed. One more thing you can do is to put it in Ziploc bags that have separate space for wig storage and will prevent it from getting crushed or pressed. If you don’t have a separate bag or closet for storing a wig, then simply put in bed storage, but make sure it is stored separately.

2. Deep Clean the Wig

To get rid of dirt and glue and to refresh your Melanie Martinez wigs, you must deep clean it after some uses. For this, you can put some shampoo in a gallon of water and put that water to boil for some time. Once it’s done, put the mixture in an empty basin and dip the wig completely in it.

Wipe all the dirt present in the wig cap with your bare hands, rub it completely. After shampooing, it’s time to apply some conditioner. Next up, it’s time to rinse up the wig with warm water. Finish it up by cleaning and drying it up.

3. Apply Heat With Care

People mistakenly apply too much heat over synthetic wigs without understanding that too much heat can disrupt the shape of the wig. If it is a natural hair wig, you can consider applying some heat over the wig while if it’s a synthetic one adhere to apply steam over it instead of ironing it.


To begin combing the hair while taking off bobby pins from the wig cap if any is applied already. If you have braided wigs or curly hair wigs, apply heat on selected laces only as doing it will give your wig the desired shape it needs after you have used it for a while. Remember, to only apply a minimum amount of heat to ensure its longevity and quality.

4. Dry Shampooing for Styling

Another important wig caring tip followed by most drag queens is to not over-wash the wig as doing it more frequently will take the moisture out of it and can make it look quite dull, boring, unattractive, and lifeless. Moreover, washing it frequently with shampoo can make it saturated and add oil to its cap while will add an extra layer of shine on it to make it look authentic and cheap.

Hence consider applying dry shampoo to minimize the washing requirements. You can consider washing your celebrity style wigs after every 5 to 10 usage.

5. Apply Condition Spray and Blow Dryer

One more styling tip that you can use to increase the longevity of drag wigs, is to apply some conditioning spray over it. It’s a great fix for curly hair wigs and braided wigs and minimizes the detangling issues in curls and braids. Moreover, it adds proper shine to the hair and makes it set properly to your desired style and dress code.

If you are struggling to get the volume to your lace front wigs or Godiva wigs, try using a blow dryer but remember to use it in low setting only. The best time to apply a blow dryer is when your hair has moisture and is not completely dry.

Wrapping This Up

To take care of your drag wigs or any other celebrity style wigs, it is important to use standard products and wigs. But more than that, the methods you use for storing and styling the wig defines the longevity and quality of your wigs.

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