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7 Ways to Reuse Your Last Year Old Halloween Costumes

Halloween is over now and most of you are geared up for the next fun festival. But have you asked yourself what you will do with the funny halloween costumes you bought for your children and yourself in the previous Halloween?

Most people tend to buy new costumes for every Halloween putting the old ones in the trash cans. But there are some new and interesting ways by which one can reuse all the old Halloween costumes again.

1. Initiate a costume swap

Swapping the Halloween costumes is one of the best ways to have an altogether new one. However, some people mind using someone else’s costumes. But if you are living in a close knit family and have friends then it’s a thing that most people would welcome. Children’s love wearing clothes and costumes that are worn by others, and also in this way children get new funny Halloween costumes without you spending anything extra.

2. Sell it on Websites

If you have bought expensive Halloween costumes then selling those costumes on a website like eBay or Craigslist is a good place to start off. Also there are websites dedicated to selling costumes like wigs, dresses and many other Halloween outfits.

Many websites for Halloween drop ship are easily available where halloween costume wholesalers and users like you and I can list our Halloween costumes on such websites. Isn’t it a great option to make some good money for next Halloween.

3. Try them at different Events

Rather than recycling those old Halloween costumes, why not try them for different events. Children are big fans of trying crazy dresses more than once; in fact they might want to wear those all week long. Trying those dresses at their school events, plays, and dance competitions will make them look unique to all the participants.

reuse halloween costumes

Also, the old Halloween dresses can be used at events like birthday parties, holidays. Rather than hanging them or putting them in a trash can, make use of it, and when Halloween comes, you will be smart enough to know what to do with the costume.

4. Use it for Halloween Decorations

Halloween costumes can easily be used for decorating homes at the time of Halloween. It is also a great way to keep the old costumes in use if you are not a big fan of selling it to costume and wig wholesalers.

For Halloween decorations, you can turn a corner of your garden or yard with collectibles, handmade dummies wrapped with a Halloween costume. Adding some lights to the decorations will give a whole new look to the dummy. Using cotton battings, old clothes and pumpkins one can make some crazy decorations that will make your near and dear ones surprised and envious of your creativity.

5. Mix and Match the Costumes

If you do not want to use the same old Halloween costume again, then why not try to use the old Halloween costumes in pieces. Why not try using a plus size costume for the upper half and slim fit jeans for the lower half?

Children’s love wearing superhero’s costumes, so a little bit of costume swap will re-excite them for the next Halloween. Adding a fake blood, face paint, ripping of jeans of costume and many other creative additions could be done to the next year’s Halloween celebration.

6. Host a themed costume party

Although Halloween comes in the month of October, and that has long gone, still you can ask your friends and family to come to your place for the upcoming themed costume party that you are about to host.

You will be excited to see how everyone will be geared up to come. It’s an awesome option to have some food, dance and wine and of course time for lots of fun.

7. Donate Costumes to Charity

Donate your old and easy Halloween costumes, the ones you don’t want to wear. Simply putting them in the closet will not serve any purpose. Rather, donate those costumes to children’s hospitals, an NGO or any needy. It will put a precious smile on their face and make you even happier.

Simply find a list of nearby organizations for orphans, child care hospitals, and NGO’s and you can find your old costumes are still much more precious than you ever thought.

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, there can be a lot of exciting and innovative ways to put the old gone Halloween costumes to use. You may sell it on websites, or repurpose it, decorate it and what not.

Anything more to add, comment down below!

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