8 Ways to Live a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

In today’s world, many people are in search of happiness. They are even ready to spend money expensively to live happily. But happiness does not lie in money. Also, one thinks that staying healthy is to be on a diet. But real health does not depend on diet. We need not buy anything to be happy. We just need to follow few steps to live happy and healthy:

1. Real happiness lies in love

Everyone in their life has some commitment. But, the real happiness lies in love. Love doesn’t mean developing feelings for the opposite gender. The core feeling one must have which we fail to realize is self-love. Self-love is not only about pampering. One’s self should really care for his/her needs.

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We misunderstand happiness as socializing with friends, having shawarma at our favorite restaurants, and watching movies. It is about caring about yourself, spending some time for yourself, and analyzing yourself. When we do this, we get peace of mind, an unnoticed smile on your face, a light heart, and very importantly an undiscovered YOU. So Love yourself and then the rest. This may seem a bit selfish. On being selfish for less than an hour, you get real happiness and that cannot be wrong.

Your mind becomes fresh on doing such activities which keeps you healthy mentally. Mental health plays a significant role in one’s health. So keeping your mind free is essential for a healthy life, and to keep yourself beautiful without undergoing cosmetic treatments.

2. Hope is the real saviour

We could have heard the doctors telling ‘‘More than medicines, strong hope plays a major role in curing cancer! You should be strong to beat the cancer cells’ to a cancer patient. It has been true in many cases. The hope has brought many patients out of cancer. So having faith in something is really appreciable. Not everyone believes in God. But there is something they believe in.


When you are unhappy or restless, hope can help you come out of it. Spirituality is a tool for throwing out jealousy, fear, anger, and all the negative vibrations. When these unpleasant feelings are removed, your brain would steadfastly. HAVE FAITH in you and your surroundings.

3. Manage stress

Stress has become a buzzword. People started going to clinics and heroin treatment centers for stress-relieving centers to overcome stress. It may be the work stress or the personal stress they are sick of. You live only once and it is advisable to kick the stress off. The stress may ruin your happiness that you forget what real happiness is.

To manage stress, there are so many solutions like yoga and meditation. These physical activities might help you to be positive. An optimistic person always makes the place around them positive. In spite of the place being filled with negativity, POSITIVITY can make it lively and more enthusiastic.

4. Importance of peaceful sleep

Sleep can bring in magics in life as well as in dreams. Sleep is the biggest treatment one can get on having a health issue. When a machine in an industry runs for a long time without rest, it may get spoiled. In the same way, when our brain and body work longer, we may tend to have serious problems. To avoid these problems, we need to take rest. To take rest is not only having fun. The rest majorly sleep. Having 8 hours of deep sleep is necessary for the brain to get refreshed.

Throw away your phones before bedtime. Do not do any physical activities like exercise, cardio workouts before sleep. This may increase your blood circulation and would become a barrier to a peaceful sleep.

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5. Eat healthily

Unhealthy foods like junk may spoil your body and may cause pain. The physical pain may cause mental stress which will spoil happiness. But many of the times, a person who takes on a diet may seem stressed because they are in a position to avoid their favorite food which makes them long for it. So, in those kinds of situations, it is better not to avoid the food they love.

A basket full of fresh fruits

Eating an ounce of it may not cause any big change. It is not advisable to remain on a diet when they don’t like it. There is nothing to be done with physical health when mental health declines. EAT what you love to live.

6. Connect with nature

Have a walk every day or once in a week through nature. The green colour all over may make you forget your problems and the stress. The plants and trees also give out oxygen which is essential for a person to breathe in easily and takes in carbon dioxide which we let out.


The walk may make us light-hearted which would gear up our next day’s or the next week’s activities. Getting some sunlight in the morning would give you freshness and you also take in Vitamin D through it. The vitamins help in refreshing the body and also for a balanced functioning of the body.

7. Spend time with loved ones

You can play or chit-chat with your family or friends. Spend some valuable time with your loved ones which may make you feel that you have some support truly. There is another positive feeling with this. There is someone waiting for you at home or somewhere else. Speaking with that person can make them feel happy. Their happiness is your happiness. Obviously, you made them happy and you too.

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When you pour out your feelings to someone, they may comfort you or not. But, sharing seems a big stress reliever. You can also approach top rehab centers in US to receive the required treatment.

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8. Become a child

A child is the happiest of all. So being childish makes you stress-free. You can watch cartoons, sing songs, dance like a child, etc. You never need to bother about others. The fact is that everyone needs to be a child by heart and act matured by the mind. Play your favorite game, such as badminton. Dress up like a child. This may seem crazy. But this makes you forget everything for a span of time.


The child in you can make you feel good. So watch cartoons and TV series which you have watched during your school days. This makes you feel nostalgic and energetic as you were in your school days.

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Key takeaway

To wrap up, there is only one life. Living it to the fullest would be awesome. Try to follow the steps and you would unknowingly feel happy. Stay happy people!

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