Doga: Best Fitness Activity To Keep You & Your Dog In Shape

If you are a self-proclaimed fitness buff looking for an unconventional exercise partner, you might consider adopting a dog. The next step is contemplating an activity that you can engage in together.

Considering its proven health benefits, doga—or dog yoga—is something that might belong on your to-do list. Between purchasing the appropriate healing crystals and exercise mat in preparation for your first session, below are a few ways Doga can strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.

1. It Gives You and Your Dog An Opportunity To Bond

If you are having trouble connecting with your newly adopted canine companion, doga is an excellent way to enhance your relationship. By performing assisted poses, you and your dog will learn to establish trust and a brand-new level of comfort with one another.


Doga is an ideal anchor point for demonstrating affection to a nervous dog and reinforcing a safe space between the two of you. Use this time to reflect and indulge in an afternoon of calmness.

2. It Improves Your Mental Health

As the digital age grows increasingly demanding and fast-paced, it can be challenging to find a moment in your day to step back. Doga gives you and your four-legged friend a moment of awareness in the present moment.

By dedicating an hour of your day to doga, you and your dog can experience increased oxytocin levels and reduced psychological stress. If your dog suffers from chronic behavioral issues, doga can help reverse any unwanted symptoms.

3. It Makes For Good Exercise

Without the appropriate exercise, your dog becomes at risk of obesity, anxiety, and other potential health detriments. Fortunately, doga is an excellent transition into more frequent physical activity.

Suppose you haven’t been committing to daily exercise. In that case, doga won’t necessarily push your physical boundaries but provide benefits such as fat loss, muscle toning, and improved blood circulation.

4. It Allows For Socialization

If you participate in a controlled doga class or online sessions, this activity is a fantastic way to connect with other like-minded pet parents. Similarly, allowing your dog to make friends with other pups does wonders for mental stimulation.

If your dog is socially anxious, doga can help wean them into more frequent socialization. Exposing your dog to other dogs participating in the same activity can make them less nervous on visits to the park or when on a daily walk.

5. It Can Help Injured Dogs (And Humans!)

If your dog is injured or recovering from an accident, doga can be beneficial for their recovery. Historically, Doga has proven helpful for health conditions such as hip dysplasia, canine arthritis, and strained muscle fascia.

By performing assisted poses, your dog can relieve muscle tension and aches. Older dogs engaging in lesser activity can also re-build strength.

6. The Bottom Line

Part of leading a healthy and happy life is managing stress. If your dog is just as cooped up as you are, doga can make for an entertaining and enriching everyday activity.

Before introducing your dog to doga, consider the best breed for activities that involve stretching and flexibility.

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