Voice Search SEO: Strategies and Optimization Tips For Law Firms

With the rapid increase in the choice of technology such as Google Home, Siri, Alexa, and Amazon Echo, this digital era is anyhow dependent on smartphones and the internet. And this tends to raise the users of the voice assistant base. That illuminates the essential role of voice search that needs to be as part of marketing for lawyers.

If you have a law firm and then, of course, your website requires a search engine optimization for desired results. However, screen-based optimization plays an important role but your website needs to be well prepared for everything. You might be thinking about how to do voice search SEO? Well, do not worry!

Let’s acknowledge the strategies and optimization tips for law firms to do voice search SEO.

Optimized Voice Search

Work on long-tail keyphrases

  • With voice searches, you must optimize for the long-tail keyphrase. You can utilize phrases that have more than 3 words, maybe 4. Long-tail phrases are generally complex and crisp about answering precise questions of people about a particular subject or item.
  • Long-tail keyphrases are comparatively less competitive as not every individual might have an article on every niche. You may take the help of different tools that are available to help you with keyphrase ideation.

Utilize question words in long-tail key phrases

  • The best you can do is use questions words in long-tail key phrases such as who, what, where, why, how. As people are more likely to search queries in question form.
  • Another reason to converge on question keywords is generally people are not searching for law hiring and maybe willing to get some information about a particular niche.

Create quality and relevant content

  • Google has its own algorithm and works on the same SEO tactics to push quality and relevant content. Google algorithm focuses on factors such as your location data, your search history, and past searches on the same term having multiple meanings and searches that may take place.
  • And with the following term, you should create content that has deeper dig to all the aspects as Google will focus on more valuable content and relevant for the user.

Use natural and conversational voice

  • Well, connecting to people becomes easy when they hear a natural and conversational voice. Users are familiar with the voice like Siri and Alexa, as they connect to it easily rather than thinking it to be like any robotic voice.
  • Searchers do not talk like a lawyer and you should not do the same. Under a very rare case, a legalese voice should be utilized.
  • While creating the content you must focus on pain points, goals, aims, and hopes of the clients. You must not sound like a cliche legal sales copy and rather be more interactive and connecting.


Try going local

  • Local SEO is always good for optimization efforts. Google is set to personalize the information as per the location of the searcher. You may note that without any setting also you may be able to get information based on your nearby location.
  • You can do local SEO by NAP- name, address, and phone as it becomes easier with the following information by locating on your site and making sure that it is consistent everywhere.

Create an interactive website

  • Try making your site responsive and interactive which means your website should be mobile friendly as well as system friendly. This is not only cost-saving but enhances user experiences.
  • Take the initiative of an FAQ strategy, people who are seeking the solution for legal problems like queries about legal terms, hiring the lawyer, and many more uncertainties that may be expressed in the form of questions.


Voice search SEO is gaining much popularity day by day with the interest of people. Voice search optimization is an ongoing process as it is a fast-changing process. Voice search SEO should be done along with other website marketing methods. Though it is a time-consuming process you can opt for the services from the valuable SEO agencies. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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