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Importance of Decimal to Binary Conversion

Binary and decimal are amongst the oldest and the most used numbering systems right now. As you know, computers can understand just zeros and ones, most of the computer processors run on top of the binary numbers. While humans can easily understand the text values or the decimal numbers, for that reason, responses shown to the humans are in text or decimal.

How does this conversion work?

Many developers prefer binary numbers in the back-end and decimal numbers in the front-end. For example, all the inputs or information that humans insert in a computer system are in decimal language. The computer system converts a decimal to binary and then processes the request.

Once the processor is ready with the response, it converts binary to decimal and then shares that binary number to the user. This is the simplest way of working the decimal to binary conversion. All the basic electronic systems that you are seeing around work only because of this concept. Apart from that, a lot of developers prefer text for conversion. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the importance of decimal numbers and how decimal to binary converter can help your product.

Used in the embedded system

Most embedded systems work with the digits and decimal numbers in the front-end and binary numbers in the back-end. I just worked on an embedded system project where a user inserts a decimal number and the number is sent to the back-end for verification. Once verification is completed, the back-end sends back the value with a response.

For this project, I created a decimal to binary converter with node.js. If you are into programming, then you need to deal with this kind of converters. You need to create a tool in Java, Python, Node.js, Javascript, or any other language you have been working on.

decimal to binary

Ultimately, getting the right answer is important. We would highly recommend you choose Javascript language for such conversion. Because Javascript performs all the operations at the front-end and does not include a server. Not including any server for such operations can be important and this makes the app way faster than expected.

Used in the databases

Databases are also one of the most important factors in any web app or website. A large website has thousands of entries in the database and this may end up slowing down your website. This is bad for the user experience.

To get over this issue, you need to make your database way faster than expected. By using the concepts of decimal to binary conversion, you can make your database processes like searching and update fast. This eventually increases the speed of your app by seconds. Many famous databases like MongoDB and Fauna use this system for conversion. For your product or app, you can also use such a concept to make your app faster.

So, these are the best reasons why decimal to binary conversion is important for anyone. If you are planning to make your career in this field, then you need to understand and become an expert of these concepts. After reading this article, if you know the importance of any other numbering system then do share it by dropping a comment below. We would be glad to hear from you.

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