raising thankful children

How to Raise Thankful Children

Whether your children are still toddling around your home or grown up and leaving the house, thankfulness is a key trait to encourage in their lives. Help your children learn how to be thankful for what they have, and who they have, by trying out these simple steps. From writing thank you cards to spending quality time together, these habits will help both you and your loved ones be more thankful.

1. Talk About Gratitude

A great place to start is with a conversation. Talk about what you have, what you look forward to and what’s troubling you. Particularly if your children are young, try to take extra moments throughout the week to talk about why you’re thankful. Often, leading by example is the best way to encourage a spirit of gratitude.

You don’t have to have a special present or an unusually great day. Even tiny, ordinary moments throughout the day can be a reason to be thankful. Being thankful for ordinary events can help your children learn that they don’t need a present or a vacation in order to be thankful.

2. Volunteer Your Time

There’s nothing like giving back to remember how much you have. If you have the time and ability, look for a way to give back. Whether you give financially or with your time, volunteering and donating can be worthwhile ways to become more thankful for what you have. Show your children how to help others, even if you don’t get anything in return.

raising thankful children

Volunteers are especially needed during the holiday season, although many communities have year-round volunteer options. Look for a park or roadside rest area that needs cleaning, ask a local food pantry if they need assistance or consider planning a fundraiser for an important charity.

3. Write Thank You Cards

Thanks are rarely said enough. Another excellent way to raise thankful children is saying it out loud to your loved ones or writing a thank you card to those you cherish most. Even if your loved ones live next door, a personalized card can be a special touch.

Help your children write a card today. If your children are moved out of your home, send them a personalized thank you card today. For beautiful designs and heartfelt messages, shop for thank you cards at Card for Causes today. You’ll not only send a beautiful, heartfelt thank you, you’ll also be supporting your favorite charity. Combine these two excellent ways to be thankful and model for your children how to show gratitude and thanks for everyday moments.

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