Top 5 Eyewear and Sunglasses Trends

There’s a lot to be said about wearing the right sunglasses. Everyone has a different face shape. This means a style that works well on you may not work well on someone else. It also means you may need to pay attention to the latest trends to find a style of frame that works best for your needs. From prescription safety glasses to geometric shapes, there are plenty of interesting trends this year to explore.

1. Oversized

Oversized sunglasses are nothing new, but they’ve been seeing resurgence in 2021. The interesting thing about this trend is that you can explore a number of different frame styles. The oversized look is one many people equate with fashion, as it is one many celebrities and influence have played around with over the years. If you think bigger is better, this might be the look for you.

2. Prescription

Another popular trend in 2021 is centered on safety. Prescription safety glasses have come a long way where fashion is concerned. When you’re engaged in your favorite sport or taking on a home improvement project, you may still want to look fashionable. For many years, however, the design of safety goggles was less than chic. Nowadays, it is possible for you to find glasses that help you keep your sense of style while still taking active steps toward shielding your eyes from harm.


3. Geometric Shapes

Funky frames have also come back in style. Throughout 2021, a number of fashion trends have centered on geometric shapes, hard lines, and extreme angles. Incorporating this design element into your eyewear is a great way to explore this trend. Designers are currently crafting frames in an array of shapes including squares, triangles, and hexagons. Find a shape that best suits your face and allow your quirky spirit to shine.


4. Twists on Old Favorites

Certain eyewear styles are timeless. Still, many designers are putting unique spins on classic looks. Cat-eye sunglasses, for example, have been a favorite for many women over the decades because they can be very flattering. This year, the cat-eye look has been upgraded to boast more modern features and colors. This option is an ideal fit for anyone who is looking to add a bit of emphasis to their cheekbones.

5. Brow Bars

For many, understated design elements are the way to go. If you aren’t the type of person who wants to make a huge statement with your eyewear, then the brow bar option might be for you. An update on the classic aviator style, these sunglasses have an inherently cool look that works well on all people. The addition of the extra brown bar to the frame is a small touch that can help you give yourself a unique aesthetic without the need to wear something too flashy.


The right pair of glasses is out there waiting for you. By giving yourself a bit of time to explore the latest trends, you’re broadening your horizons and increasing the odds of finding the perfect fit for your face. Whether you opt for the durability of prescription safety glasses or the quirky look created by hexagonal frames, there are plenty of exciting options worth exploring.

Let’s take a look at one of the top safety glasses designed for function and aesthetics:


Titmus SW06E is proudly made by UVEX by Honeywell. These ANSI-rated safety glasses are durable and comfortable for all types of work. With their signature rectangular wraparound shapes, these spectacles are designed to protect you from flying debris and other elements. With the highest standards of protection, Titmus safety glasses are ideal for those that work in high-risk environments. They also look sleek and trendy – putting the perfect fashionable touch on safety eyewear for men and women.

Titmus SW06E frames are made from sturdy plastics that ensure optimal safety for many applications. Whether working at construction sites, labs, or petrochemical plants, these glasses have clear frames for great peripheral vision. They are also equipped with side shields that protect your eyes from high-velocity impacts coming from different angles.

Importance of Prescription Safety Glasses

Eye health is just as important as your body’s overall health. While regular eye examinations are essential, there are ways to keep your eyes safe and clear year-round. If you work in a dangerous or challenging environment, prescription safety glasses should always be on your radar. With the ongoing eyewear trends in 2020, safety is simply of paramount importance to many wearers.

Remember, regular spectacles are not replacements for protective eyewear. In fact, they are not designed to withstand high impacts in high-risk work environments. This includes lab work or outdoor projects at constructional/architectural sites. Prescription safety eyewear is considered protective eyewear only if they meet the following:

  • Requirements and criteria set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) must be met.
  • All prescription safety glasses, sunglasses, and goggles must also meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines.
  • ANSI establishes manufacturing standards for protective eyewear for vision centers, brands, and providers.
  • OSHA mandates and enforces health safety and health standards for all types of occupations.

The Safety Pro Difference

Safety Gear Pro features a huge selection of prescription and non-prescription safety glasses that protect your eyes while on the job. With a variety of frames, materials, shapes, and sizes, these glasses have passed stringent quality control tests for protective eyewear certification. They are also trendy and keep you looking stylish and great. Whether for home improvement repairs, moving, or camping in the woods, safety goggles shield your eyes from all types of harm.  These spectacles can even be outfitted with progressive lenses or extended side shields for greater, protective coverage.

With workplace accidents on the rise across the country, safety eyewear is designed to protect wearers from common injuries and mishaps. These glasses never sacrifice protection even with the latest styles and comfort levels. They are also durable, versatile, and designed to last for years to come. If you work in a challenging environment, it is important to keep your eyes safe for clear and better vision.

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