Top 8 Trends in Women’s Eyeglasses for 2021

No matter what your face shape, there are several eyeglass styles to suit women. Women’s eyeglasses can be cat-eye, oversized, geometric and more, and all in a range of colors and patterns. Prescription safety glasses are included in options that you can wear all day, with fashions that take you from a day at the office to a night at a dance club. From red plastic cat-eyes with white polka dots to translucent modern shapes in every color of the rainbow, you’re going to want at least a few different pairs.

1. Browline

With designers taking a cue from the makeup trend toward bold eyebrows, browline glasses are hot. When wearing these thick, heavy lines at the top of the frame, you don’t have to worry about your glasses obscuring your fashionable natural brows.

You can find browline glasses in darker colors, including tortoiseshell patterns, and in semi-rimless frames that add even more emphasis to the thicker tops. They come in many different shapes but are especially notable in semi-rimless styles.

2. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is still the rage and is being included in a range of different styles, some of them for the first time. This classic mottled-color look in dark brown and caramel is now available in cat-eye, oversized and other frame styles.


You can also find it in translucent shades, with a toned-down color, such as pink and black. The ongoing popularity of this pattern has also given rise to new designs in eyeglasses, including marbling and animal prints such as leopard-skin.

3. Translucent and Clear

A fresh new look in frame styles is the move to clear and translucent colors. Clear prescription safety glasses are included in this hot trend, in which designers are playing up with thicker, larger frames that make a strong statement.

You can find translucent colors, too in thicker frames, ranging from caramel and smoky gray tints to red, pink, purple, green, burgundy and more. Translucent colors are also being combined with patterns, creating a whole new way to wear tortoiseshell and other styles. If you can’t decide on a particular hue, don’t worry; some include all the rainbow colors.

4. Two-Tone

Another striking new style is found in two-tone glasses of many different hues. Try a bold red that fades to clear at the bottom, giving you a semi-rimless look. Another standout two-tone is darker or patterned frames that come together with a nude color at the bottom for a bold statement to go with your statement necklaces.

You can also find the two-tone appeal in frames of one color and temple rims in another, as well as some innovative designs that incorporate different colors in just the corners of the upper frame.

5. Cat-Eye

This vintage 1950s style continues to be a popular reinvention, with frames that give you a smart, professional manner for the office that retains a bit of playfulness. Tasteful accents in the corner are one way that designers are making their marks on this new/old style.

Look for black frames with metallic gold braiding, yellow frames with silver roses, blue frames with gold stars and many more combinations. Oversize cat-eye frames with elongated rims are another standout style for 2020 or you can go Hollywood with womens sunglasses in this and other shapes.

6. Geometric

Whether it’s all the new colors and patterns or the move to bolder statements, designers have come up with many new and different shapes in eyeglasses for women and men. A range of geometric shapes are now available to frame your face from squares and circles to rhombus and trapezoid forms.


Put these interesting shapes together with oversized green frames in a translucent tortoiseshell pattern for a standout style that draws all eyes.

7. Metal

It’s not just for aviators anymore, as a look at this year’s collections easily tells. Thin gold, rose gold, silver and bronze metals are popping up everywhere. You can also find colored metallics, including pale pink, ocean blue and purple.

Metal is being used in all different shapes, including classic round, aviators, geometric figures, and even rimless frames. Traditionally used only in thinner styles, designers are beginning to use metals in thicker frames, too.

8. Aviator

They’re not the aviators your parents used to wear; this classic style has had a makeover and never looked better. You can still find the classic shape in metal frames, but new options include colorful, rounder and squarer frame styles in plastic and metals of all colors.

The similar navigator style with the bridge that runs across the top of the frames is another classic that’s making a comeback, so don’t be surprised to see it among your options.


Today’s women have never had such a large selection of fashions to choose from in eyeglasses, including prescription safety glasses. Whether your fashion style is soft and subtle or bold and beautiful, there is a pair to fit your personality, and your every mood. All you have to do is try them on!

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