how to look after your eyes

How to Look After Your Eyes

When it comes to thinking about your health, the first things that might come to mind are doing enough exercise and eating a balanced diet. While these things are important, it can be easy to forget about areas of your body that need attention, too. Your eyes work hard every day, but it can be easy for people to take their vision for granted. It’s just as essential to make sure you’re looking after your eyes as it is anything else, and here are some ways you can do that.

Wear Sunglasses

It might not be the summertime, but the Winter sun can hang low and bright in the sky, too. So anytime there is bright sunshine outside, take some sunglasses out with you to wear. They will help to protect your eyes from the glare and avoid damage from the bright light. Sun hats or baseball caps that can provide shade for your eyes will also be beneficial to wear.



See Your Eye Doctor

It’s also worth going to have your eyes checked every two years to make sure that there aren’t issues forming with your sight. If you notice that your eyes are feeling strained or are struggling to see things close up/from a distance, book to see your optician as soon as possible, as it is likely you will need glasses or contact lenses to relieve your eyes and improve your vision.

Wear Your Glass/Contacts

If you wear glasses or contact lenses – wear them! Some people might feel self-conscious at first or feel uncomfortable wearing them for some other reason. However, if you avoid wearing your glasses or contacts, your vision will get worse. Don’t put your eyes through more strain than they already have, and accept you need these visual aids. If you want to add a distinctive twist to your contact lenses, use this Fantasy-Icon coupon code and look at their colored contacts to have fun with your look.

how to look after your eyes

Maintain a Healthy Weight

As mentioned previously, when thinking about your health, your thoughts might turn to what you eat. Well, maintaining a healthy weight plays a part in your eye health, too. Obesity is linked to heightening the risk of developing cataracts and glaucoma, as it puts more pressure on the eyes and the blood vessels, which are very small and thin. This is just another reason to be mindful of your diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you will have already been told how smoking can result in cancer, heart diseases, strokes, and several other horrible healthcare problems. What you might not know is smoking can damage your eyes, too. Like obesity, smoking can heighten your risk of developing glaucoma and cataracts. If you have been wanting to kick this habit for a while now, there is no time like the present, and you find tips on quitting here.

If you want to make sure you’re looking after your eyes as much as the rest of your body, use the points above as a guide to help you achieve this.

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