The Best Shower Heads For You in 2022

You choose a place like a park, a coffee shop, the bathroom in your house, or under the shower to comprehend a very important issue that you need to decide about. Imagine you are under the shower thinking about that important issue and suddenly your thought diverts to simple ways you can remodel your shower.

The next moment after your bath you begin to google about remodelling your shower and that leads you to just change the shower heads.

Which shower head is the best for your bathroom? Let’s take a look at the different types of shower heads you might want to consider to remodelling your shower.


1. Two is Better Than One, maybe?

The dual shower head consists of a fixed shower head and the other one is where you can manually use it, meaning handheld. You can use either of the showers depending on what mood you are in or if you are giving a wash to your pet. Also, fun fact, you can use the handheld showerhead to clean the shower area.

2. Shower from the Ceiling

The title might seem as if the ceiling is leaking, but it’s actually the shower head that’s fixed to the ceiling of the bath area to give a feeling of rainfall or having a bath under a waterfall. To renovate the bathroom to this kind of shower head is a little complicated as it needs full renovation because of the plumbing.

3. Water-Saving Shower Heads

With the Australian climate and skyrocketing water bills, it’s wise to choose water-saving showerheads. It helps in conserving water and minimising the usage of water while showering.


4. Outdoor Shower Heads

These showerheads, as the name suggests, are mainly for outdoor use like near the pool area or an outdoor bath. These showerheads are designed to withstand any weather conditions like rain, wind, and the constant exposure of the sun.

5. Filtered Shower Heads

These showerheads can also be used in many of the swimming pool areas. It’s good to have a filter on the showerhead, which helps in trapping chlorine, removing any mineral deposits or other impurities from the water. This mainly helps people suffering from any chronic disease related to water impurities, also helps to protect sensitive areas of the body and hair.

6. Adjustable Shower Heads

In this kind of shower head, you can adjust the direction of the shower. Even though it’s fixed to the wall, you can change the direction of the showerhead by tweaking it. This way, it’s a new feeling every time you shower.

7. Sliding Bar Shower Heads

This is kind of showerhead is similar to that of a mic on the pole. It can be adjusted based on your height. Moreover, this is very useful if you have children at home. The height can be reduced by sliding down the showerhead according to the child’s comfort.

8. High-Pressure Shower Heads

If you are fitness conscious and have a horrible muscle catch on your body, this kind of shower head is extremely useful. This helps release the muscle tightness with its high pressure, giving a massaging effect to the body.

Reasons to Replace Shower Heads

While writing this blog, one can find it easy to stumble upon the fact the reasons to change the showerheads. Let’s list out the basic observation of changing it.


  • Water Pressure: Sometimes you fall short of water while showering and wait for a longer time to finish cleaning if you are in a hurry for an important meeting. Low water pressure is one of the basic observations one can do to consider changing the showerhead.
  • Outdated: If your shower reminds you of the times you spent in your grandparent’s house, then it’s time it needs a change. It doesn’t take a long time to install a new showerhead and in fact this is one of the cheapest and affordable styles for a new shower head.
  • Body Aches: With the changing of the showerhead to a high-pressure shower head, you will experience a drastic change in how you feel. As the high-pressure shower heads come with pouring out in a pattern and giving a massage-like experience, the body ache or the tension ache will vanish.
  • New Features: Apart from just having a cold and hot feature in the shower, you are even having a choice of multiple spray settings, adjustable height, water conservation, and so many other features.

As mentioned in the very beginning, the shower is one of the peaceful places one wants to be to forget the world behind the doors and just relax. But if you are facing such issues mentioned above, then It’s best to change them for a better experience.

Bottom Line

Considering the factors, you decide to change the shower heads but when you’re confused, the list above will help you pick out of the lot. Also, remember to know what kind of bathroom you have before you renovate the shower area.

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