coconut bowls from coconut shells

Coconut Bowl: An Eco-Friendly Way of Recycling Coconut Shells

How to make the best and eco-friendly use of coconut shells? An innovative way to recycle empty coconut shells is to transform it into Coconut Bowl, an eco-friendly upcycled product which is elegant and versatile. Upcycling of coconut shells into coconut bowls is superior to recycling as upcycling reuses waste, without destroying it, to form something new; on the other hand, recycling involves breakdown of waste and then reformation into a new product.

coconut bowls from coconut shells

Coconut shell bowls are 100% natural, hand-crafted, ethnic and eco-friendly and a must-have product for green living!

Making of Coconut Bowls

The process of making coconut bowls starts with the reclamation of empty shells from coconut plantations after the extraction of flesh and water. Our specialized workshop then cuts, cleans and sands these, seemingly shells into beautiful coconut bowls. Each bowl is finally polished with virgin coconut oil, thus converting it into an elegant Food Grade eating bowl.

The bowls are 100% food safe and contain no artificial glues or lacquers, making them safe for eating and drinking!

Unending Benefits of Coconut Bowls

By using coconut bowls, we can not only enjoy our meals but protect our precious environment! Coconut bowls are made from renewable and sustainable resources, unlike conventional bowls which are made from plastics, ceramic or metals and emit significant amount of GHGs during production.

A coconut bowl is as durable and easy to use as a plastic bowl. The striking difference is that coconut bowls are made of purely organic material, rather than from petroleum-based raw materials.

Nowadays, most of the bowls are made up of hard composite plastic materials. The plastics industry is infamous for its high environmental impact and there is a real need to promote more eco-conscious choice in our dinnerware.

We can show our commitment towards environment protection and natural resource conservation by adopting quality, affordable and eco-friendly alternatives, such as coconut bowl.

Coconut bowls are made from empty coconut shells which were destined for burning or disposal in landfills. Composting is not a good option for disposal of shell as it takes several years for their complete biodegradation. The best and safest alternative to manage billions of empty shells is to upcycle it into beautiful and environment-friendly eating bowls.

An Elegant Green Statement

Coconut bowls make an elegant statement for special occasions as well as daily meals. Eating out of a natural product has tremendous potential to foster green living and eco-consciousness. Infact, eating from a 100% green product like coconut bowl will persuade us to eat only healthy food and to avoid junk food. The benefits are clear: by using these sustainably-sourced coconut bowls, we can feel good about minimizing waste and supporting an environmentally-conscious product.

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