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Alarming Facts about Plastic Water Bottles

How many times have you purchased a bottle of water? It’s probably too many times to count at this point, right?

You are obviously not alone.

Many of us have grown to be very dependent on the plastic bottled water and the convenience it provides. They are easy-to-use containers that provide the refreshment we need. It’s hard not to rely on something that can be so useful yet to so convenient as well.

Unfortunately, the innocent-looking single-use plastic water bottle is more dangerous than previously thought. We’re not talking about us getting sick from using plastic water bottles.

single use plastic bottles

Instead, it’s the planet and many of the plants and animals that share it with us that are suffering from our excessive usage of plastic water bottles.

Plastic water bottles are draining our natural resources at an alarming rate while simultaneously posing a threat to animals that have to deal with them. All kinds of ecosystems are also suffering because of how poorly single-use plastic water bottles have been handled.

While it’s not the most important point, relying too much on single-use plastic water bottles can also cost you money.

What all of that means is that single-use plastic bottles are bad for the planet and all its inhabitants. To further illustrate that point, please check out the infographic below on alarming facts about plastic water bottles.

Infographic originated from WorldofWaterFilter.

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