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An Easy Guide to Choose the Right Cardboard Box for Storage

The type of storage you use matters a lot! There are different materials of storage boxes available in the market. For the majority of us, cardboard boxes have been a great choice, for moving and storage as they are light, easy to pack and are inexpensive.

There are many benefits of cardboard boxes. The best part about choosing cardboard boxes is that they are biodegradable and recyclable. Cardboard boxes are cheap storage boxes and are available in different shapes, sizes and strength. And each one has its intended function.

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Choosing the right cardboard box to store or pack your belongings is necessary. Therefore we have brought to you some guidance on different types of boxes that can be chosen from numerous options as per your requirement.

Selection as per ability

  • Single wall cardboard boxes: These single wall cardboard boxes are ideal for light to medium packaging use. These are created through a single corrugated layer of cardboard and can be assembled easily and quickly.
  • Double-wall cardboard boxes: These are majorly used for delicate and fragile items and are much sturdier and do not collapse. Double-wall cardboard boxes are made up of double-layered cardboard.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: These boxes come with a pipe attached to its verticals so that clothes with hanger can be packed to save your clothes from getting crushed and keeping them wrinkle-free while shipping.


Selection as per size

Choosing the right size cardboard boxes for storage is about more than just what can fit where, since you’ll also need to consider weight and intended use.

  • Small Boxes: They are good for packing items which are small and are heavy such as books as well as small heavy and fragile items. This is because if heavy items are packed in a large size box then the items packed inside can get damaged during shipping.
  • Medium Boxes: These medium size boxes are good for storing items like kitchen utensils, pots, clothes etc. All you need to keep in mind is not to make the box too heavy to be carried since it might damage your items inside.
  • Large Boxes: These boxes can be used to store large but not too heavy items like pillows, blankets, winter coats, kitchen appliances and odd-shaped items. Since these boxes are already large therefore keeping heavy items can create difficulty in lifting the package and items may break during transit.

Special and Specific Boxes

Electronic items like TV, fridge, a desktop that are heavy as well as fragile should be packed in boxes specifically made for these products. The major benefit of using these specific boxes is that inserting items inside these boxes becomes easy without any fuss. These cardboard boxes keep the items intact from moving around and shifting.

While choosing the right kind of storage box, keep in mind the box you will be using to keep your belongings or store your items safely.

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