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Top Benefits of Hiring UPS on Rent

A UPS system can be used as a power backup for a short time when primary power is lost. For critical equipment to shut down gracefully so that no data is lost or to keep the operation running till the arrangement of inverter or generator for power supply, it can be used.

Types of UPS

1. Standby UPS

It is used as a short term source of electrical power, rectifier to maintain battery voltage inverter for load, output and input isolation transformers. Filters are used to attenuate disturbance. The UPS system converts AC to DC voltage for battery voltage compatibility.

2. Line-interactive

These UPS monitors incoming voltage automatically when high and low conditions occur. It also gives protection from power spikes and surges. These are typically expensive than other UPS.

3. Double Conversion

This is called a double-conversion because it converts AC power to DC and then again to AC to protect equipment from raw power. Since they are always online they are the best for critical equipment and places where they have poor power conditions.

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Benefits of Using UPS

  • UPS is used as power backup when the primary source does not provide power so that no equipment can shutdown instantly leading to a loss in data.
  • It prevents power surges and spike and is also beneficial where power supply is poor.
  • It does not reduce line voltage for an extended period that is brownout conditions. It can increase the voltage from a few hours to days.
  • It filters high power frequency waves caused by radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiations.
  • It helps in stabilizing power supply and reducing frequency variation.
  • UPS also reduces harmonic distortion that is distortion transmitted by unequal loads.

Things to keep in mind before hiring UPS

Hiring UPS on rent can be overwhelming therefore it is necessary to take a few things in consideration before UPS hire.

  • Read the agreement carefully, it highlights some major policies such as the rental duration, monthly rent, service policies, and repair add-ons. Choose the one who gives faster delivery.
  • Before taking UPS on rent checking battery status is very important. Install the UPS in the presence of authorised personnel from the dealers. Ask serviceman to make a note if any dispute with battery occurs.

ups on rent

  • There are three different types of UPS and each has its specific utility. Choose one that suits your purpose. Standby UPS has a simple mechanism that is perfect for home for electronics such as a computer or printer. The offline mode is little sophisticated and can be used to serve small to medium-sized commercial spaces. The third one, online UPS is the most robust one and is perfect for industrial needs.
  • An essential aspect of any electronic apparatus is its compliance with safety standards. It should meet the functional specifications.

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