A Handy Guide to Efficient Home Lighting Solutions

Lighting plays an important part of a house design. Apart from functionality, home lighting also adds to the aesthetics of our house.  Several factors ensure an efficient and aesthetically appealing home lighting system in the house. More so, in the times of smart homes where every element that goes into making a house is implemented with a lot of planning and precision. Here are some ideas to use the lighting solution in and around your house in the most efficient manner.

1. Decoding the Lighting Solution

Before we plunge into exploring home lighting ideas, let us understand the three types of layered lighting which impact the aesthetics and ambiance of a home.

  • First is ambient lighting, which is created by using overhead fixtures like pendants, or track. It evenly provides base lighting to space.
  • The second layer is task lighting, which helps in doing specific jobs, such as reading, cooking, etc.
  • The third is accent lighting, which highlights specific items of prominence in a room.

2. Area Specific Functionality

Lighting solution needs to be implemented, keeping in mind the requirement of the room. Each room of the house, be it the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, foyer, and even the garden area- has a specific requirement.

The kitchen and bathroom need to be brightly lit, while living rooms require visually appealing and welcoming lights. Bedrooms need to have a warm glow that adds to the coziness, and pendant lights hanging over the dining table or bar area add to that space.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Pendant lights can light up the kitchen counter and dining table with equal aplomb. A double chandelier can add an extra touch of luxury to an elegant bathroom. Changeable LED lighting gives some spark in the bar counter or displays a suspended ceiling of your living room to add to the aesthetic appeal.

4. Smart Lights for Smart Homes

Smart homes are characterized by smart equipment that also includes a smart home lighting system. Smart lights have diverse features that enable the user to change the colors, brightness, and temperature. These lights are controlled by a remote, voice, and motion sensor.


Enjoy the changing ambiance of the room with a tunable bulb as it changes from a cool blue to deep, warm orange. Or just throw a voice command to a dimmable bulb to reduce the brightness. You could also invest in multicolor bulbs or even smart LED light strips as illuminating panels designed for a wall display.

5. Enhance the Curb Area

The curb area can be enhanced majorly by deploying some of the best outdoor home lighting options available. Hanging lights such as lanterns and pendants are ideal for tall entryways and porches.

Floodlights can be used as an exterior home lighting for the garage or an outdoor basketball court. Post-lantern lights to illuminate your garden area, path lights along the walkway to guide your guest to the front door, and well lights are some of the go-to exterior home lighting solutions.

Solar path lights are very popular in the gardens. The best solar path lights are powered by the sunlight during the day and light up automatically after dusk. You don’t need any external wiring, but only have them dug directly on the ground.

6. Enhancing the Wall Colors

Placement of furniture, interior design, room size and color, and natural light availability are important factors when planning for lighting for a home.

Lighting can be used to modify the colors of a room. Directional lighting, such as track lights, can soften the wall colors. Recessed lighting throws vertical beams of light from the floor to the ceiling. Adjustable lights can be pointed at specific elements in the room, such as painting or a vase to highlight them.

7. Eco-friendly Options for Modern Homes

LED panel fixtures make modern home lighting stylish, exotic, and elegant. They are functional and efficient and can be easily integrated into walls and ceilings. They are eco-friendly because their power consumption is very low compared to a halogen bulb. LED panels evenly distribute the brightness at a very wide angle of 150 degrees.

The best eco-friendly lighting option that is gaining immense popularity is the solar home lighting system. These are fixed installations designed for domestic applications. The components include solar modules, charge controller, and battery connected to lighting systems. In the solar panels, sunlight is converted to electrical energy. They are commonly used to power LED bulbs in homes.

The brightest landscape lights are the ones that have the highest lumen like InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights. The Roxy-G2 solar kit has a handy built-in darkness sensor that adjusts to surrounding fire.

8. Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Many people are in a dilemma on how to choose outdoor lighting fixtures for your home. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that most of us like to have an open-air party with friends in the garden area after the sun goes down. And it calls for a well-lit porch or patio.


Choose from the variety of outdoor lighting fixtures that include wall mounts, sconces, hanging lights, outdoor chandeliers, and a host of others. Some of the most favored options include wall lights, post lights, and pier ways that meet the functional needs of porches, entryways, doorways, garages, and side yards.

Explore the various home decor lighting options keeping in mind the basic functionality and aesthetic of your house. All the best!

Are you planning to upgrade the lighting system of your house? Hope you find our tips useful. Do let us know in the comment below.

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