perfect timber floor to make your home look great

Everything You Should Know About Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is one of the most common flooring types found all around the world. It can look amazing in almost every room throughout your home. Timber floors can be a great look in almost every room throughout the home and are generally used everywhere apart from bathrooms. The traditional look can come in so many styles and colors to really make any home feel great. There are some great flooring trends around the world at the moment and timber flooring is one of those timeless types.

The feeling that timber has underneath your feet cannot be replicated by any other flooring type, which is another amazing benefit. The great durability and protection the floor gives makes it suitable for all homes and can certainly cater for families, both young and old. The many styles can include maple, oak, classic wood, and traditional timber. These come in many colors that are both light and dark, giving timber the variability to make it stand out in every home.

What Style or Color Should I Use in My Home?

There are so many options available for the perfect timber floor to make your home look great. There are many variations found across the world but a country like Australia has some great variants that can also be found around the world. Some of these great timber floor choices include traditional timber, blackbutt, oak, walnut, and spotted gum flooring. There are many more varieties available but all of these come in many different shades and styles also.

Why Timber Floors Are Amazing For Your Home

Because there are so many variations of flooring available, this means that a flooring company can provide you with a large range of floor types and help you decide what will look great. Using the expertise of a flooring company can help give your home an even more elegant look with the use of timber.

The Durability of Timber is a Massive Plus

Timber floors are very durable and can definitely last for decades (if treated properly), which makes them a popular choice for many homeowners. Timber does not just look great, it also is perfect for families with pets or small children. A protective layer can even be added onto the timber to make it even more resistant to spills and messes, which makes it even better for families. The cleaning and maintenance of timber is super quick and easy as it does not take hours and hours or use many chemicals to keep clean.

Choosing the Right Room is also Very Important

Timber floors are popular for their practicality and appearance, bringing a beautiful texture and sense of warmth to every room they are in. The best rooms for timber flooring usually include living rooms and bedrooms, but also are quite common in the kitchen and dining rooms. Timber is really great but you don’t want to get it laid into all your bathrooms as this is generally not the floor type used (opt for tiles instead).

Natural lighting also plays a big part in determining the right color of the floorboards in certain rooms. Dark wooden floors can make your rooms appear larger, and lighter floors can make your rooms look smaller. However, there are so many variables that exist here which include the color of the wall painting. So it is not as simple as it seems to choose the right type of timber floor, this is why engaging with your local expert flooring company is very important.

Will Timber Always Be Trendy?

Timber floors have been trendy in many parts of the world for hundreds of years. They will likely remain on trend for many more years to come for quite a few reasons. Some of these reasons for the trend never dying include the traditional look always being wanted, the timber durability is unmatched, and there are so many varieties of timber available.

perfect timber floor to make your home look great

A benefit of this trend never dying is that your house is likely to never go out of style, which means the value will remain high. Increasing the value of your home is always a great idea and timber floor is obviously a great place to start in achieving that.

Timber Floors are Amazing for Your Home

Timber is really great. It always looks good in every house, and especially on the floor. The styles and varieties available just make it so unique and the choices give you an abundance of choices to make your house look great. The floor can be light or dark and in the living room or bedroom, but it doesn’t really matter. This is because any style of timber flooring is something you can be proud of no matter what.

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