An Easy Guide to a Luxurious Home on a Budget

Who doesn’t want some luxury in their life? Especially when it comes to your home. Of course, everyone has their own idea of luxury, but generally, the concept of elegance is related to being simple, fresh, and modern. That’s why we’ve selected a few tips and tricks to help you decorate the home of your dreams.

Functional spaces

Making sure every element in a home is functional is a luxury that not everyone can afford. It is not about spending the most when shopping, extravagance does not equal luxury. But the truth is that if each piece of furniture, element, or accessory is well thought out in terms of decoration and functionality, it will be perfect for any environment. If space is original and well thought out, it is luxurious and unrepeatable.

To achieve the functionality, you have to be very clear about what you need, and this varies from one person to another and even from one room to another. For example, in a teenage bedroom, it will be essential to have a study area, while in a children’s bedroom you will need storage space to keep the toys well organized. On the other, a decorative fireplace will add romantic vibes in a bedroom meant for young couples.

Neutrals with accents colors

Although luxury interior design usually tries to keep the tradition, the truth is that you have to take the risk and experiment with some colors that you would not normally use. Decorating in neutral colors looks good and is always a safe bet. But combining it with striking colors that make a cut, will make the end result twice as elegant.


For example, don’t be afraid to decorate your living room with neutral colors and add an accent emerald green sofa and some funky pieces of artwork or drapes that complement it.

Adding greenery

We can’t forget that greenery is practically necessary for any modern home decoration. Greenery is easy to combine as it goes with everything. We recommend you go play around with big pots and tall plant stands. Also, elements such as flowers and plants contribute to creating spaces that encourage you to spend more time in them.


The illusion of larger spaces

Light and space are multiplied in houses with walls, floors, and ceilings of the same color. In this way you create a blank canvas, although you don’t necessarily need to use white, gray, blue, taupe can also work. This tip is excellent for making your furniture and accessories stand out.

Place ceiling to floor curtains, for the illusion of bigger ceilings. Try to make use of as much natural light as possible. And use mirrors strategically as they are also a great way to open up spaces, plus they add a great touch of elegance to any room.

Accent lamps

Lighting is a key piece of interior decoration. A large lamp with a presence is essential in luxury decoration. The ceiling design can help us decorate a room without adding anything more than a few lamps. Good light can aid in properly enjoying our rooms at any time of the day, and help us carry our daily activities.

We recommend that you look for pieces in second-hand stores. You can usually find some very unique lamps and chandeliers for a great price.

Complement and accessorize

Accessories are what make a space unique and add personality. Bet on big vases, frames, paintings, coffee table books, and mirrors. Don’t forget curtains style windows. Baskets and accent blankets are great for bedrooms and always helpful. Candles, especially white ones, always look great.


Our favorite accessory trick is adding lots of pillows and cushions to sofas, chairs, and beds. When chosen correctly, they can add an amazing glamour factor and of course comfort.

Remember that all the objects that we chose for our homes, the intensity of the light, the color of the walls, even the smallest details of a kitchen, need to speak of who we are and reveal who lives in that place. So above all, make your home something that makes you feel great and a place you love.

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