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A Guide to Antique Watch Valuation and Identification

So, you have inherited an antique watch. It has been passed down to you from your father and to him by his father. Do you know that your grandfather’s watch could be worth a big amount? If you get watch valuation done by a valuation company, then for sure you will get to know its true value in the antique market. Here is our easy guide to antique watch valuation:

Antique Valuations

Getting any antique items, like watch appraised correctly, is not an easy task. It requires an expert who has the experience and is certified to value antique items. If you want to save time, you can opt for the online antique valuation done at Prestige Valuations.

Watch Valuation

Your valuable heirloom piece could be a Rolex, Omega or Patek Philippe. It could be a pocket watch too. If it is a pocket watch, various things are considered to determine its value.

Brand Value

Any antique watch’s brand impacts the price it will fetch in a big way. A high-end brand will definitely be of more value in the antique market than a lesser-known brand. Rolex, Tiffany & Co., and likes are luxury watch brands that can get you crack a better deal.

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Number of Adjustments

A watch has calibrations to ensure it runs correctly in whichever position it is sported. If the number of calibrations or adjustments is more, then the value of the watch will be higher.

Gemstones placed as bearings

Antique watches like a pocket watch will have gemstones placed as bearings for gears. These are also known as jewels. A luxury high-end brand will have more number of jewels used in it. Antique collectors love to have such a watch in their collection and hence it will have more value in the antique market.

Modified Watch

If a watch, say a pocket timepiece has been modified to be used as a wrist watch, then most collectors feel that the value of the modified watch would be less. But in some cases, when a watch enthusiast wishes to flaunt his priced possession of a luxury vintage watch, he might want to pay a decent amount for it.

How much is your watch’s value?

To get an idea about your watch’s value, you can start with internet. You can research on various websites selling similar watches. If the condition of your watch is good, then it can fetch you a great price. Any scratches or repairs can reduce the price in the market. No need to say that your watch must be original and the parts also must not have been changed.

watch valuation

If you want to know the true value of your vintage watch, you must seek the help of professional vintage watch valuation. A leading valuation company like Prestige Valuations would be your best bet.  They have certified experts for Antique Valuations and Watch Valuation. They also offer hassle-free online antique valuation.

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