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Key Factors To Evaluate Before Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is the segment that, as its name implies, is utilised to serve commercial needs and can include office space, data centres warehouses, retail areas like malls, industrial or commercial real estate. In the past couple of years Kingston has seen a rise in demand for commercial property for sale in Jamaica and, in the year 2019, it saw the biggest office net utilisation of 47 millions square. feet. in the top 8 cities. In 2020, the expectations for this asset class were extremely high but since the pandemic started in March commercial properties were hit.

As things are slowly improving, it is anticipated that we will see a rise in demand. The commercial real estate segment will see an improvement in the economy as it continues to progress toward recovery. This is why we are asking what are the main elements to look at prior to buying commercial real property?

Identify The Right Location

One of the primary things to consider prior to buying commercial properties in Jamaica is to find the perfect location that guarantees the right rental yield and minimises the chance of losing capital. Furthermore, if the area is satisfactory it makes finding tenants easy and banks can provide loans much more readily. Investors, therefore, must ensure that they’ve taken the demographics and trends in the region into consideration and should steer clear of buying a business located in a region that is experiencing a downturn.

In this scenario market research and analysis are essential to determine how the Jamaica  property someone is looking to purchase could perform in the particular area. Speak with local agents and brokers who are knowledgeable about their strengths as well as weaknesses in a particular location prior to making a purchase is also recommended.

Understand Market Trends

Before investing it is essential to do some research on the financial performance for each class in order to determine the viability of the area as an investment and then decide on the kind of property you’d prefer to purchase. The market is constantly changing in accordance with new trends. For instance, if you’re considering buying into retail businesses, be sure to take into account the effects of e-commerce on tenants as well as consumer demand. For instance the outbreak led to the closure of shopping malls, with people lining up for hours in front of their computers to buy items on the internet.

Today, even though physical shops are being opened, shoppers remain hesitant to venture out, which suggests that the need for retail space is down and could take a while to recover. In addition, the growing use of streaming services online and working from home has led to a rise in demand for industrial areas such as factories, warehouses, and data centres, which are currently thriving.

factors to consider before investing in commercial real estate

Invest Time In Research

It is essential that a potential buyer do a thorough study on the investment options prior to making a final decision. It is essential to examine all legal documentation and documents as well as conduct an inspection and a survey of the property inspection, and also research the financial aspects involved prior to making a conclusion. It’s not uncommon for investors to be ecstatic about a home, however they must be aware of the essential aspects and decide on investing after completing thorough research.

Commercial real property is an investment opportunity that provides a steady high-income source and is a great opportunity for capital appreciation when the property is properly maintained and maintained to the highest standards. One aspect to remember when making a decision is that although there is the potential to make money but not all commercial investments are equal, and as such it is important to understand which, when and how you can invest into commercial real estate Kingston Jamaica to ensure it to be successful.

Kingston Jamaica Real Estate Forecast For 2021

In the wake of three turbulent years triggered through demonetisation, GST, RERA, and the NBFC crisis, the  Kingston real estate market seemed to be poised to rebound into 2020. But all hope was destroyed when the most devastating ever human-made catastrophe COVID-19 ravaged Jamaica and caused widespread chaos and stress in the troubled real estate industry.

Although the majority of the year went by changing into a regular routine, the past few months, which are also known as the Kingston celebrations, really turned the landscape of the Kingston real estate business. COVID lets real estate firms come up with new ideas and strategies to maintain continuity in operations as well as navigate the challenging times.

The holiday quarter that concluded in December witnessed a thriving business, especially in the residential sector in major cities on background of historically low interest rates and appealing deals in the form of restricted period stamp duty reductions and other reductions. These trends are likely to continue through 2021 when the residential property prices stabilise this year.

Increased Property Demand

With the lowest interest rates for bank loans, NRIs returning to Jamaica and the government’s efforts to improve the industry, stamp duty cuts and the  Kingston real estate industry is finally getting more active with home buyers eager to relocate. It will be the low-cost and mid-income housing that will guarantee that the real estate market will see a turnaround in 2021. But, much depends upon the Union Budget, which is due in the first week of February 2021.

Investing Increase

2021 is predicted to witness an increase in investment because the availability of liquidity from central banks across the globe will keep interest rates low, and investors will seek investment opportunities that offer high yields. With SEBI’s revision of REIT rules, we can anticipate an increase in investments on commercial property which can yield lucrative returns in comparison to other investment options.

Transformation Of Technology

The rapid technological revolution is expected to continue to take place in the Kingston Jamaica real estate industry by 2021. Even though Jamaica real estate was always embracing technology in the last few years, the COVID crises accelerated the whole process by a number of folds. Since physical interactions were not as common, realtors were forced to adopt digital methods like online viewing and the launch of digital transactions and virtual property shows. The trend is expected to continue this year as well. In addition there will be a growing importance placed on data and machine learning, analytics and AI.

On The Rise In The Commercial Sector

Despite the home-based work trend and pressures, the commercial real estate Kingston Jamaica  is anticipated to witness an increasing demand through 2021. Based on Jamaica, the September quarter saw a huge increase of 64 percent absorption over the June quarter. Office real estate is predicted to follow the recovery pathway in 2021. This is due to warehouses, which have been experiencing high demand because of the increase in the growth of e-commerce.

In addition, given the relaxations offered by the COVID post-government program both employees and employers are looking for the ideal combination of remote and in-office working alternatives.

Trends In Commercial Property For Sale In Jamaica

In the year 2019, Jamaica recorded the highest-ever office net absorption of 47 million Sqft in its top 8 cities and it was believed that in 2020 the office sector would reach new standards. Commercial real estate Kingston Jamaica was the only sector to witness an unprecedented level of absorption across the leading cities and a total investment of 2.8 billion in 2019. which was driven by a constant growth in demand for coworking spaces that were fueled by tech companies.

However, when the coronavirus outbreak hit the country of the coronavirus virus in March, a massive lockdown was imposed, meaning that all operations were closed, resulting in businesses being shut down. Also, there was a significant slowdown of the economy. Even when the country slowly opened up, working at home was still the norm.

The shutdown has caused a massive impact on business and the demand for office space has decreased in comparison to last year. Numerous companies have extended the option to work from home for employees due to security requirements, and people are anticipating that in the near future, businesses will need to relocate from their current office spaces and move to a more modern workplace. If this trend persists, it will certainly hinder real estate agents as it could negatively impact how many people are looking for office space.

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The amount of office space that was surrendered in the period was 6.3 millions square feet and Jamaica alone contributed over half as businesses sought to cut down on fixed operating costs. The report also revealed that rents, which had been rising over the last five years, were stagnant in April. Moreover, occupiers have also reached out to landlords seeking the possibility of a partial rental or maintenance expense waivers during the lockdown.

But, at this time it is vital to keep in mind that, despite the limitations resulting from the current circumstances caused by the epidemic, the requirement for physical offices won’t go away. Of course, hygiene is essential in a post-COVID society and businesses will need to make sure that they regularly clean their facilities. Additionally, designers and architects must redesign the workplaces with the social norms of distancing in mind.

Since the coronavirus is spread via droplets from infected people, organisations will require regular disinfection scheduled to address the issue of transmission through droplets. The way that we’ve used air conditioning in offices will also be required to be rethought to minimise the risk of spreading infection to the community.

However, not all is dark. For the initial quarter of 2018, the office sector has displayed around 98-99 percent rent collection, with low relevant micro-market vacancies , as well as modest growth in rental that is an indication of its viability. Additionally, as companies are going through an online transformation as well, the need for data centres is likely to grow in the coming years and is expected to become the next most desirable alternative investment opportunity for commercial property real estate in days to come. In spite of the disruptions due to the virus, it’s not too early to conclude that we have lost the office space.

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