5 Reasons That Indicate Your WiFi Router Has a Superpower

Have you ever been in a situation when a friend of yours comes home, the first question this person asks is “Dude, what is your WiFi password?”, The possibility of an issue I would expect is “Dude can I have notes for flight mechanics,” I guess it’s my stupidity to expect that sort of problem is the first place plus I am pretty sure he has a plan of 2GB per day but still asks for the password that here people is the power of WiFi!, we can even live without food, partners (WifE/I??) but not without “WiFi.”

WiFi Router is a modern-day “Flash,” yes, that guy from DCU.

  1. MU-MI-MO

There was a day in my house where we had almost 35 people, and nearly half of them had a second device, which is a laptop. It took me a while to notice that my phone connection with the WiFi from the router was the not usual speed until I got to know that almost 40 devices were connected, so that got me wondering how does it work, like connecting to such a massive set of tools with little compromise of a public WiFi?

Turns out if one of them takes in high network usage, more data will be sent to that particular device; this is the basis of a router built of two types: static and dynamic. Static being a fixed path while energetic being changes rapidly based on the demand of the network. In this case, the above result of a reduction in the usage was my phone since I was surfing on Instagram, which uses less data consumption than the one that downloads movies, the victim again hell, I hate it!

  1. Agility

We were a bunch of friends who were on a trip to Goa, it was boring after a certain point the data pack in most of our over, until of our friends took out the master weapon which is “portable WIFI router,” I thought I was living in the cave for the past 20 years. It turns out I was fascinated again on how they can manage/create this sort of device in the first place.


This is based on a sim card built-in. The plot turns out this is one of the cheapest ways of using the WiFi at its best. The rate at which it is developing we might soon be able to carry the router as small as a pen, maybe it is a possibility!

  1. Vo-WIFI

The newest technology on the rise, we have all been situation where our cell towers are way out of range, and we are not able to communicate with our desired once this has been an existential crisis, sometimes I have to go outside of the building to get me a signal, Now fear no more cause Vo-WiFi is here. What this does is, this WiFi router acts as an anchor between the cell phone and our phone, and you don’t have to pay for it.

The routes pick up the signal for the phone and then convert it to RF wave for transmission. This can be handy when you are out of the station and don’t have the local sim card; this is a gift for tourists.

  1. The guy is good with numbers

The title seems a bit weird at first glance, but let me explain. The internet is filled will IP address correspond to the particular sites, but this is a needle in haze stack if we were able to remember all the IP address, so we have the guy who does it for us, the WiFi Router guy, as soon as we type the title request is sent to DNS a handbook sort of thing which has IP addresses for the corresponding sites.

This DNS is stored with the local network provider, which makes it convenient for the WiFi router to send the news to data centers to retrieve the data, hence like a flash, this guy is fast like light plus good with numbers to get us what we need! that IP address can be used to get access to the setup page where you can modify the setting of the router like network name, network password, etc.

  1. The secret of the success

Every person in the entire world has a secret sauce that they won’t share with others since they might copy it, but luckily not our guy here. Our guy might be silent, with many tentacles in the side, his secret sauce is the optical fiber. Many think that the WiFi router communicates with the satellite, in reality, it doesn’t,

Our Optical fiber goes all around the world laid underwater, in deserts to reach the palace even men/women can’t reach. These Optical fibers are made up of fiberglass, and they are rounded up in many layers, basically like the speed force for our guy, ready to set up.

Our WiFi router has many superpower up its sleeve, these being some among a lot more to come his way!

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