6 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Space this Spring

No matter how cold your winters are, the return of fresh air and spring breezes are always welcome. To make your living space more comfortable inside and out, consider the tips below to make your outdoor living space more elegant and serviceable.

1. Plants

Do your best to have your plants do double duty. A clematis vine can smell great and provide shade. A grapevine will provide shade and a snack. The right herbs can season your tea and keep pests away, so make space for lavender and lemongrass. Do make sure to start small. Overloading your space with plants in the spring can make for an unmanageable jungle in July and August. Let plants fill in overtime; many plants will shrink away from other plants and may become leggy and spindly if planted too close to something else.

2. Lighting

The new solar lighting options on the market mean that you can add light to nearly any space. Use string lights to add charm to a playhouse or your hobby shed. Use motion lights to increase your safety and protect the darkest corners of your home. Finally, if you have an unscreened spot where you love to hang out, add a solar-powered bug zapper to keep pests away. Avoid putting this too close to your home. A large bug caught in a zapper can catch fire.


3. Water

You can also find solar-powered water pumps that will keep the top surface of a small pond or container water feature moving and cycled. Be aware that birds often love to bathe, splash and play in these features; if they put on a show for your enjoyment, consider also putting out a feeder. Birds do many things in the water. If you notice the water getting nasty or smelly, be ready to dump, rinse and refill.

Consider adding a floating globe as well as a fountain pump if you need to keep birds out. Filling the basin of your water fixture will keep animals out and add visual interest. The sound of moving water can be incredibly soothing as well.

4. Boundaries

Define the space by adding structures. Using aluminum fences around the outside can protect your privacy and make for great neighbors. Gravel paths, particularly made up of light-colored stones for easy visibility at night, can add definition 24 hours a day. If you want to garden, consider adding timbers to elevate the level of dirt to increase your growing opportunities.

5. Furniture

A single seating piece can make a world of difference in your outdoor space. If you need tables for a meal or a drink, consider adding small trunks or bins that can also provide storage. Look for woven pieces of furniture that will shed water and avoid mildew and must. If your budget is tight, be aware that many woven pieces can be easily touched up or remade with a bit of spray paint.


6. Privacy

If your fence is open so the breeze can blow through, try to create a shaded or screened spot where you can avoid the eyes of your neighbors. Of course, you want to be friendly and have a successful relationship. However, there are times when what you really want is a moment with nobody but a good book. Plants such as bamboo can increase your privacy, as can a fabric shade structure where you can retreat from the world.

Closing Thoughts

It is time to get outside and get some fresh air! Your patio collection can grow over time. Plant bright annuals for temporary color while you create a strong collection of perennials. Treat yourself to colorful lights to help you shed the winter blahs!

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