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Safe and Effective Ways of Removing Blackheads

As you know that everybody gets blackheads from time to time, and they end up looking into removing blackheads. Most people just want them to go away, which causes them to attempt to pop the blackhead. However, squeezing these blemishes in an attempt to pop them is actually not the best plan. There are safe and effective ways of removing blackheads.

What is a Blackhead and What Makes it Black?

A blackhead is a type of pimple that forms just below the surface of the skin, oftentimes in hair follicles. The stuff inside the hair follicle that causes it to look blackish is an oily secretion that is made by the sebaceous glands. When the glands make an excessive amount of this oil, it tends to accumulate in the pores on the face and the back.

The excess oil in the follicles actually gets oxidized because the small opening of the pore allows oxygen to reach the oil sitting in there, which is what causes it to turn from its’ normal whitish/yellow color to a darker color. When extracting the excess hardened oil, you may realize that the color is actually more of a dark yellow/brown. It only looks black because of the way the light reflects off the pore when it is inside the skin.

How to Safely Remove Blackheads

Most people try removing blackheads by squeezing them with fingers or tweezers in an attempt to get the excess hardened oil to pop out of the pore. However, most dermatologists say that this is not the right way of removing blackheads. It is much better to use blackhead removal products, such as strips or a specially made tool.

1. Removing blackheads with strips

Many retailers carry lanbena plants pore strips that claim to gently pull the hardened oil, known as a plug, from the pore. These are sticky and they work by allowing the exposed part of the plug to adhere to them. When you quickly pull the strip off the skin, the plug comes out onto the strip. The black had removing strips are a good choice for people dealing with multiple blackheads in one area, such as around the nose or on the chin. The concept is much like removing excess facial hair with waxing.

blackheads removing tips

2. Using a blackhead removal tool

The other option for removing blackheads is by using a tool blackhead vacuum cleaner with a flat, round, eyelet on one side. Using this tool, place the head of the pimple inside the eyelet and apply even pressure until the plug dislodges. This allows for quick, easy, and safe removal of the blackhead. These tools can be purchased at the most online stores. Make sure that your tool is cleaned and sanitized before and after each blackhead removal.

Controlling Chronic Blackheads

It is important to remember that removing the plug from a blackhead makes the pores susceptible to bacteria. This can actually cause an increase in acne. If you are suffering from ongoing acne, or it has become difficult to keep the blackheads at bay, consult with a dermatologist. It is possible to get special prescription-strength medication or skincare products to help with removing blackheads and keep them from returning.

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