Repair Sewer Pipe Without Digging

Causes of Sewer Line Damage and How to Repair it Without Digging

Sewer and water lines are necessary for a clean and comfortable home. A sewer line leak can be frustrating for you to deal with. Besides the unpleasant odor and dirty cleanup of a broken sewer pipe, it can be tough to identify the root cause of your sewage problem.

To prevent sewer lines from damage or any issue because it’s necessary to know the main reasons for sewer line damage. Here are the common reasons for a broken sewer line and how you can repair your sewer system.

Reasons for Sewer Line Damage

From jammed pipes to usual wear and tear, here are a few reasons for sewer line damage.

1. Tree Roots

One of the most common problems of sewer line damage is tree roots. With the growth tree’s roots follow sources of water. Since sewer lines carry fluid waste, roots are naturally drawn to the source. Especially when there is a small leak in the pipe.

Once tree roots come in contact with a sewer pipe, they start to wind around and break into pipes, clogging, and even destroying the structure.

2. Corrosion in Pipes

Most pipes are made of steel and cast iron that is protected to prevent eroding. Sewer pipes are at a high risk of eroding due to calcium and magnesium build-up from normal wear and tear. If corrosion is left unchecked, it can leave the pipe sensitive to leaks and cracks.

3. Clogged Pipes Due to Debris

Your home’s sewage lines are made to handle human waste and toilet paper. Which may lead towards toilet repair. Don’t flush trash like paper towels because they are tough to decompose and create blockages that any detergent can’t fix. In the kitchen, avoid pouring cooking oil and grease into the sink. Instead, pour such liquids into a box and dispose of them in a trash can.

4. Extreme Temperatures

During extremely high and low temperatures, sewer pipes can bust.  A leaking or eroded underground sewer pipe is a sign of major problems with your home’s plumbing system. Despite the type of pipe, it needs to be repaired to avoid serious environmental outcomes.

Reasons for Sewer Line Damage

Luckily, experienced drain installation services or plumbers have techniques to repair the pipe without digging up your whole yard. Following are the ways to repair your sewer system without trenching:

Best Ways to Repair Sewer Pipe Without Digging

1. Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is the most advanced method as it requires no excavation or boring whatsoever.

  • The pipe is cleaned using a pipe drain snake machine from outside the house or the building where the cleanout is present. This will remove rust inside the old damaged pipe and the tree roots if they have grown in the line.
  • The next step is to use a video inspection camera to estimate the length of the pipe and detect incoming connections. Then the video camera is used to determine the exact length of pipelining material. It is a long polyester tube that is saturated with a self-hardening epoxy resin and is exothermic.
  • The lining is then installed inside the pipe and pulled into the pipe using a rope, and it holds a temporary balloon that is inflated. The pipe lining balloon is pulled out after curing time.
  • A new rock-hard pipe line is locked inside the old pipe.

Trenchless pipe repair is a popular technique for plumbing. This process is quick and affordable as only a broken part of the sewerage pipe needs to be repaired. It is a tricky process so, keep sure to hire professional drain installation services.

2. Pipe Bursting

When a sewer line is too damaged to use the trenchless pipelining method. Technicians feed a cone-shaped bit through your existing line and destroy the pipe while immediately replacing it with a new one. This process is more expensive and less time-effective, but it doesn’t require extensive excavation.

This is a more traditional pipe repair method in which the technician pulls a conical head made of very tough metal through the old pipe. On the rear end of the conical head, there is a polyethylene pipe that is pulled into the void. This process is more costly and less time-effective, but it doesn’t require large excavation.

Repair Sewer Pipe Without Digging

If your pipes are extremely damaged, you may have to go for old sewer line replacement methods. This is an extremely costly method, requiring technicians to dig up your yard to identify the damaged or cracked lines. But excavation is required if your home’s sewage system has extreme damage. Sewerage pipe repair in this process will take more time to indicate a problem and resolve it.

3. Horizontal Boring

Horizontal boring is another way in which experienced plumbing or sewerage pipe repair services can fix or replace a broken underground pipe without excavating up your property. Through horizontal boring, a broken pipe is found, and broken segments are removed. The pilot rods deliver the new section of pipe by the guidance of specialty cameras. Adhering resins are mixed on-site and filled into the new pipe to seal joints. Only one opening point is required for access, and no trench is required in this method of repair.

Each type of broken pipe repair needs a professional to handle as it is a complex job and requires advanced equipment. No doubt, the most vital advantage that trenchless sewer pipe repair offers is that your garden or yard will remain intact while the sewer pipes beneath are replaced. Even if your pipeline requires pipe bursting, the smallest digging requires that will hardly make a hole on your property. Depending on the plumbing company, trenchless sewer pipe repair costs the same as traditional sewer pipe replacement.

If your sewer line needs repairs, it’s necessary to find a qualified, experienced professional as early as possible. However, proper sewer line maintenance starts before an accident. You should schedule an inspection every 4-5 years to check for any blockages or damages in your sewer line. So, if you notice signs that your sewer pipe needs repairing, don’t wait to call a plumbing company that provides trenchless sewer pipe repair without digging.

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