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7 Key Factors While Developing A Successful Uber App

The popularity of the Uber app has piqued the interest of many business owners, prompting them to pursue the creation of an app similar to Uber. And why wouldn’t any smartphone app owner want to emulate Uber’s success? CNBC ranked the Uber cab app as the second most innovative company across Globe in 2018, behind only Space X. It is accessible in 70 countries and over 600 cities worldwide, and it has completed 14 million trips a day.

Many entrepreneurs are working along with the developers for developing an Uber like app. It is not an easy task, as if the application is similar to Uber, it is of no use. But here our team comes and can help you provide away and help in developing an application similar to Uber but in a more superior and enhanced way. But before that go through the key features, one should know while developing a successful Uber Clone Application:

1. Planning the structure

Uber is a transportation infrastructure network that links drivers and passengers. There is a certain feature that you can have while developing a taxi app:

Key Elements

  • App for Passenger.
  • App for Drivers.
  • Admin Panel for administration.
  • Analytics.

The flow of the Uber App

The flow is mostly similar for every app like Uber. It goes like requesting for the trip, confirming the order, cross-checking the traveller, Travelling, Payout, and lastly rating and review. While creating an app like Uber, one must first know about the functions of each page in the app and how these elements will interact with others. And how will it help in moving the process forward and maintain a seamless flow.

uber clone application

Your approach for creating an Uber-like app must be focused on rigorous preparation and requirement collection so that you can do a cost analysis and prepare for the requirements.

2. The technology behind app like Uber

Like the Uber app services a million passengers per day, there is a lot of infrastructure work going on behind the scenes to support the app’s processes. Geo location is one of the main technologies used in this taxi booking service, and since it is based on both iOS and Android devices, it uses different technologies on each mobile device platform.

So, if you want to create a smartphone app like Uber, make sure the product development business uses cutting-edge technologies so you don’t have to keep upgrading it for a limited period.

3. Develop an app for managing fare

Another critical feature to consider when developing an Uber-like app is how the taxi booking app determines trip fare. Since the app incorporates time and distance metrics, the passenger is paid per minute if the car travels less than 11 mph (18 km/h).

One may bifurcate the prices as:

  • Base Fare
  • Cost of booking
  • Demand costings

4. The Passenger Features to build

The following is a list of the top Uber features designed to provide a fun ride for riders while maintaining a seamless flow of contact between Admin, Passengers, and Drivers:

  • Registration
  • Taxi Booking/ Cancellation
  • Driver Tracking
  • Payment Options
  • Driver Rating
  • Customer Support

The above-mentioned are some of the top features but the most basic ones. If you want to do something new then you can add features like: Split Payment, have an option for offers or rewards, Panic Button, and many more.

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5. Developing an Admin Panel

It is much difficult to have an admin panel of apps like uber on a website to view the proper administration and analytic. Monitoring the operations, the panel must have all of the features which are also available in Uber driver app. The following roles should be available in the Admin panel.

  • Order administration
  • Management of location and fare
  • Driver administration
  • User administration
  • Vehicle administration
  • Management of ratings and reviews
  • Control of assistance

Aside from these features, the Uber-like app could provide a framework for providing updates to both customers and passengers, offering coupons and incentives, and the opportunity to gain insight from orders.

uber clone app development

6. Understanding the cost components

To create Uber-like clone apps, you must weigh a variety of costs, including collecting customer needs, demand opportunity research, and recruiting a software development team. The following are the general cost components for Uber-like app development:

  • UI and UX design
  • Creation of the back-end
  • Website development
  • Creation of native apps
  • Quality control
  • Repair and upkeep
  • Insight and analytics

With the need to create a smartphone app for all channels as well as a web-based admin panel for monitoring and insight, the production cost will inevitably be significant.

7. Some unique features

When you do a competitor study, you will note that there are already a variety of uber clone applications on the market. The big challenge for you is how to get your product to the market and get it in front of people, as well as why they use your app instead of your rivals’. You must have a feature that is not present in your competitors’ applications. So, have a one-of-a-kind feature in your app and inform your customers about its benefits. In today’s market, if you want to be your room, you must offer something different to your customers.


We are creating an Uber-like app, which is incredibly time-consuming and complex. We offer a highly customizable taxi booking script that includes an owner, rider, and powerful admin dashboard. Hire us and we will help you in developing the most amazing on-demand taxi booking app for your business.

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