5 Tips to Make Business Traveling More Fun

For business travelers, the magic of traveling can be dampened somewhat by the hectic nature and hard work involved with business trips. Oftentimes, flying between conferences and business meetings in different cities can start to feel very similar. This is especially true with people who have been doing it for years and are stuck in the same routines. There are ways to counteract this feeling, however, and retain the magic that came with traveling for business the first time. Read on below for five key tips:


1. Priority Passes

Priority passes for airports will make your life 10 times easier, as often the most stressful part of constantly traveling is going through security, boarding and passport control. Thankfully, at most major airports there are priority passes that can minimize the time that it takes for all three parts of this process. With the right combos, you can be just like this self-confessed priority pass maniac! Additionally, get lounge passes to make sure that your time spent in an airport is as pleasurable as possible.

2. Collecting Points

Naturally the nature of business traveling means that you don’t have to spend your own money on travel or hotels. Nonetheless, if you are on a position to do so, a smart option is to book with your own credit card, claim the points and then expense the money back. This means that you can save up points for a more-or-less free holiday yourself! Just check with your employer if this is ok first.

3. Staying in a Luxury Hotel

It can be very tempting especially if you are stuck for time, to just check into any old hotel, especially if it is just for a night or two. Nonetheless, you can really switch things up by staying in a wonderful luxury hotel. Whether you are the owner of a company, or would like to discuss the idea with your boss, why not check out the services available at, which connects luxury hotels with businesses, offering reasonable rates in the process.

luxury hotel

4. Meeting New People

Use the opportunity in a new place to meet new and interesting people, especially those who live outside your business circles! Just head to a local bar and talk to the people there, asking them for recommendations of which places you should see and eat. Additionally, if you are single, why not use the opportunity to expand your dating pool? Dating apps offer the opportunity to “passport” in other cities, allowing you to talk to people before you head to an area, then organize a date for when you arrive!

5. Eating at a Local Restaurant

While after a very long day in a conference or business meeting, you might not be thinking too much about food beyond what can be offered in the hotel restaurant, one way to learn about the culture of the place you are visiting on a time limit is to visit a local place instead. Then you can try local dishes and drinks that really give an idea of what the region is all about.

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