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Advantages of Using Custom Furniture in Luxury Hotels

With the increasing exposure of Airbnbs and rentals for vacations, hotels are facing serious competition. Hotels have to make considerations to up their game by offering excellent new experiences and facilities. Guests will be attracted to these changes and which will help in increasing the hotel’s business. The features of a hotel can be improved easily through personalization of the experience. In today’s digital world, people enjoy direct interactions and personal touches.

Marketing strategies are engaged to keep this in mind so that guests are tempted and enjoy their time. One of the ways this personalization is achieved is through changing furnishings around the establishment. This is especially important for luxury hotels as they need to keep their guests’ happiness above everything else.

Why is Furniture Important?

Furniture suppliers are available in abundance for all kinds of hotels. However, quality hospitality furniture is not common, especially not for luxury establishments. Since there are fewer options to make your selection from, you need to be specific in deciding who your manufacturer will be.

Besides the level of service you provide to your high end guests, you also need to make sure they enjoy the ambiance and overall design of your hotel. To fully please your guests, who are probably businessmen and tycoons, you need to look after their well-being. And their comfort is dependent on the furniture you have in your rooms.

The Necessity of Custom Furniture

Working with the right manufacturer is important because only then will they make your vision come to life. The level of service you will need for your five star establishment cannot be an afterthought. Thus, you will look for the best possible option, and this is where custom furniture comes in. For your guests to have the best possible experience, you should opt for high end hospitality furniture made specifically for you. The following are few ways custom furniture will benefit your hotel:

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Your important guests come to new exotic locations to relax their minds and take a breather. Once they have travelled and seen their destination, they want to return to a room that reminds them of home. If the furniture in your luxury room is bland and unfeeling, your guests will not want to come back to it.

As a top hotel, it will bode well for you to cater to your niche and choose upholstery that is custom made for the kind of guests that frequent your establishment.

Little Details Matter

Your guests notice the smaller details. Furniture manufacturers do have a range of materials that can optimize any solutions needed, but custom made requests are an entirely different story. When your target is as specific as luxury guests and their needs, the furniture you get made needs to be chosen with meticulous consideration.

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Luxury hotels will not opt for generic beds and name-brand desks, instead they will go for unique furnishings that add something to an ordinary room. The idea with custom made furniture is not just to fill up space, but also give an inviting feeling to the guest.

Guests Enjoy Versatility

Most hotels choose basic furniture that can accommodate a range of guests and their needs. With the increasing competition surround hospitality establishments, luxury places have taken to versatility. This approach takes the present amount of space at your hotel and ensures that all kinds of guests fit into it.

Your high-end guests come from all kinds of backgrounds and will thus have their individual requirements. Your hotel can be frequented by singles, families, or even a wedding party. All of these people need something to appeal them and pull them in, which is why custom furniture is vital in providing them what they desire.

Luxury in all Aspects

Luxury is not just spa days and the poolside. It is also feeling pampered within the walls of the hotel. Tailoring to your guests is something you should already be focused on, but you may ignore the impeccable quality of furnishings they may want while lounging around.

Top notch accommodations give your visitors a sense of luxury in all aspects, along with the look and comfort of your custom made furniture. Guests are likely to leave negative remarks if the furniture is old or uncomfortable. But if they are met with durable and stylish designs which give them coordinated and contemporary vibe, they will be sure to come again.

Keeping Up to Date

Custom furniture makes sure that your hotel is keeping up with the latest trends. Your location and overall design should incorporate these trends so that your guests are satisfied with your business. Trends have a huge impact on the hospitality market and once you identify which ones are popular, you can add their elements to your furniture.


If you give custom furniture a try for your luxury hotel, then you are sure to see better results. Once you have devoted your time and attention to making your guests happy, you will preserve the future of your establishment.

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